Three Top Rated Records Players and Turntables That Will Turn Heads

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The Minimalist’s Recommendation:
Denon DP-29F Turntable

The Denon DP-29F is designed for user-friendly operation. The tonearm is button-operated, so it starts playing the record by itself and automatically returns to its original position when the album finishes, which ensures that the vinyl won’t get scratched.

The die-cast aluminum body, formed with precision and uniformity, makes the turntable steady for a higher quality of sound. A phono preamp and a Moving Magnet Cartridge are built-in for easy connection to speaker systems and faster setup.

Minimal buttons create a sleek, simplistic design for music lovers who don’t want to be confused with the clutter of adjustable knobs and dials. In addition to its easy use, the DP-29F is among the most inexpensive turntables on our market, giving new listeners easy access to the experience of classic vinyl records.

The Connoisseur’s Choice:
VPI SuperScoutmaster Turntable with JMW-9 Signature Tonearm

From 27 years of turntable development comes the third generation of the greatest LP playback devices, the VPI SuperScoutmaster Turntable with a JMW-9 signature tonearm.

This player is a hybrid, the result of crossing a VPI Scoutmaster with an HR-X system—the highest quality turntable paired with the most accurate motor drive. It has a massive flywheel, providing more momentum and smoother rotation. Its non-resonant, laminated chassis and periphery ring clamp lessen the likelihood of speed changes due to warps in the records, and it has an inverted bearing that runs on silent teflon. All the precision-crafted details that have gone into the making of the VPI SuperScoutmaster are what values it as a state-of-the-art machine.

The DJ’s Favorite:
Audio-Technica AT-LP1240-USB Turntable

The Audio-Technica AT-LP1240-USB was crafted for the sole purpose of delivering DJ’s highest quality of sound. It’s capable of playing 33 1/3s, 45s, and 78s.

Not only is a phono preamp built in for quick connection to speaker systems, but the turntable also has a USB output for direct link to computers—along with software compatible with both Macs and PCs—to convert a record’s music to digital audio files.

The AT-LP1240-USB has a start/stop button, as well as adjustable knobs that can regulate the timing, can brake, and can even reverse the direction of the platter’s rotation. Pitch and speed are customizable, as well. The S-shaped tonearm comes with an anti-skate adjustment, a height modifier, a ground lug, a hydraulic action and lift lever, an adjustable counterweight, and a rest with a locking mechanism. Its stroboscopic, aluminum platter guarantees low resonance, and its direct-drive motor rotates with accuracy and stability.

Just like music, a turntable reflects the style of the listener. Find the best record player that matches your tastes at LP Tunes.

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JICO replacement Empire S2000E/III stylus
Michael Watsonw (Wilson, US)
New life for a classic cartridge

I really enjoy listening to albums with my Empire S2000E/III and this new JICO stylus. It gives me another experience from my normal Ortofon 2m blue cartridge. I get a better upper range definition and slightly less bass with the Empire/JICO setup, and a perfect alternative cartridge for my budget stereo!

Good job

A different brand of stylus cartridge was on my record player, which I discovered when I bought the record player brand of replacement needle, and it didn't fit. I sent photos, and they were able to identify the correct stylus. It works!

9.1 Belt

Works great and a good value.

BASIS 2001 Turntable Replacement Belt
william levitanus (New York, US)

The replacement belt was a perfect fit.
Received it in a few days



Great quality....fits great....thanks

Replacement for Sears 91827 stylus
Brent Shoemaker (Arlington, US)
Exactly what I needed for my 70’s record player

Perfect fit - thanks

Excellent product

Have tried the replacements from the uk and all were sub standard. This one however coming in from America is a different matter. Sound quality is fantastic what a difference from British products. One drawback was delivery charges.

Stylus for Emerson A25 turntable
Darlene Huebner (Austin, US)
Right fit needle

The needle for our Emerson record player is great.