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LP Tunes® is committed to offering high quality products and solutions to help customers enhance their enjoyment of music. Initially conceived in 2000 as a joint undertaking by accomplished audio suppliers and hi-end audio enthusiasts and in incubation thereafter, LP Tunes has now matured as an independent company bringing to market decades of early experience in high end audio.
At LP Tunes, we believe that audio systems are instruments for enjoying music. It is our mission to help customers with humble or lofty possessions achieve their audio excellence. To that end we have harvested a selection of products to help customers navigate through the myriad of confusing choices, sales talk, and mediocrity.
We don't carry all the products in the world for a very simple reason - because we don't want to waste your valuable time! We offer added-value right from the start by carrying an extensive selection of products from manufacturers that we know based on personal experience, endorsements by customers, recommendations by audio equipment reviewers, and industry information will deliver exceptional long-lasting value and quality.
We Enjoy What We Do
We love listening to music. It's a passion. That's why we're in this business! And we consider it an everyday joy and simple pleasure to share and help others re-discover its magic.
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