P-Mount T4P cartridges

P-Mount T4P cartridges

At LP Tunes, we have assembled the best P-mount cartridges available in the world some of which are only available here.

Specifically designed to be user-friendly, the P-mount or T4P cartridge makes changing and setting-up a phono cartridge very simple, easy and fast.

It takes only two steps: (1) plug and (2) screw. That's it. See the illustration on the left.

Important Note: As illustrated, P-mount cartridges are designed to be installed in P-mount tonearms. They can also be used with a Half-inch tonearm headshell by using a half-inch adaptor. A P-mount cartridge with a half-inch adaptor supplied along with it is called a Universal cartridge. Hence, a Universal cartridge is both P-mountable and Half-inch mountable.

Now why is P-mount desirable? Most users simply want to play and listen to records. To them a turntable is simply a means to an end. The half-inch mount turntable requires several steps to install the cartridge and several other steps to balance and align the cartridge. Balancing and aligning a cartridge are required for optimal tracking, groove retrieval and sound quality. The P-mount design simplifies cartridge installation and eliminates the need for cartridge alignment.

At LP Tunes, we offer the best selection and best P-mount cartridges available in the world. Enjoy!


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Problem solved

Have had issue with speed (45rpm) when starting to play a 33rpm. The belt is the culprit. Thought it was switch. Compared new belt to old and can certainly tell it was stretched. Shipping was sent right away. Glad they had it, Thanks guys.

Terrific customer service

I had terrific customer service, I was trying to switch out a part on a turntable, switching out a DJ straight tonearm for an s-shaped tonearm. Wasn't sure it was going to work they offered to let me send it back if it didn't. It worked great. They returned several phone calls and made every attempt to answer my questions. Thank you!

I also purchased a new cartridge a CF 95 SE and was not sure about the carbon fiber cantilever. They answered all my questions the cartridges is absolutely outstanding I love it!

LP Tunes is definitely recommended. Thank you!

Michael Roland

Replacement stylus

Excellent service, well packaged and quick shipment. Would buy from LP Tunes again.

Thank You!

Thanks for Awesome package and it feels like
Christmas gift from daddy!
Now My wife can listen music well again!
I will definatley purchase again next time when I need new one. Thanks again!