Denon DP-29F DP29F turntable improved by LP Tunes

Denon DP-29F DP29F turntable improved by LP Tunes


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A simple touch of a button starts your musical enjoyment
The Denon DP-29F turntable has been designed to give you musical enjoyment out of your valuable collection of LP records. The DP-29F features an automatic system that starts the music at the simple touch of a button, and when the music stops, the tone arm automatically returns to its original position and the turntable stops rotating. The DP-29F also includes a PHONO (MM) equalizer, enabling you to connect the turntable directly to an integrated amp that does not have a PHONO equalizer.

  • High-Precision Diecast Aluminium Turntable
    The turntable has been precision manufactured with a rigid diecast aluminium to produce uniform inertial mass for perfectly stable turntable rotation, an essential component of high fidelity sound during playback.

  • Automated System for Easy Operation
    The DP-29F employs an automated system that starts playing the record with the single touch of a button and finishes play at the end of the record by returning the tone arm to its original position and stopping turntable rotation. This system ensures that you do not inadvertently scratch your records when you play them.

  • PHONO Preamp built-in
    The Denon DP-29F turntable includes a built-in switchable on/off PHONO equalizer so you can connect the unit to an integrated amp that does not have its own phono preamp.

  • Moving Magnet (MM) Cartridge with Stylus Included
    The Denon DP-29F turntable comes complete with a MM cartridge factory installed so that you can begin to enjoy your LP record collection as soon as you connect the DP-29F to your home hi-fi system.

  • Extra Upgraded Stylus for Improved Sound Quality Included
    To further improve fidelity and sound quality for your listening enjoyment or recording, we provide with your purchase our DSN-82 Improved stylus that you can install at your liesure.
  • Denon DP-29F Turntable Specifications
    Drive System: Belt drive
    Motor: DC servo motor
    Speeds: 33 1/3, 45 rpm
    Wow & Flutter: Less than 0.15%
    Tonearm type: Dynamically balanced type, Straight tonearm
    Tonearm effective length: 195 mm
    Cartridge type: Moving magnet
    Stylus: DSN-82
    Output: 2.5 mV
    Power supply: AC 120 V, 60 Hz
    Power comsumption: 2 W
    Dimensions: 360 (W ) x 97 (H) x 357 (D) mm, 14.2 (W) x 3.8 (H) x 14.1 (D) inch
    Weight: 2.8 kg, 6.2 lbs.

    *Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.


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