JICO appoints LP TUNES as exclusive distributor for the Americas

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JICO appoints LP TUNES as exclusive distributor for the Americas

JICO, the world-class manufacturer of high quality stylus replacements, has chosen LP TUNES as the exclusive distributor for the Americas. LP TUNES with its parent Starbrands Networks, LLC have had a long business relationship with JICO. The exclusive distribution agreement was formally signed on October 26, 2017 and is aimed at expanding the availability of JICO styli in the Americas.

JICO, an acronym of Nippon Precision Jewel Industry Co. Ltd., is unique in their vertical integration which enables them to achieve supreme quality. They are able to engineer and manufacture styli from beginning to end including: stylus body molding, cantilever fabrication, diamond tip bonding, suspensions, & coil winding to quality control testing and listening to each stylus. JICO styli have the deserved reputation for peerless production and sound quality. 

JICO brand styli and cartridges will be available in the US, Canada, Mexico and the rest of the Americas. Recently there have been sellers claiming to sell JICO styli. JICO styli are sold only in JICO packaged casing. Beware of fakes, old, and used styli being sold as new JICO styli.

We are currently looking for dealers for Canada and South America. Please contact us at info@lptunes.com if you are interested in becoming a dealer.

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Hyperelliptical stylus for Shure Me97HE cartridge

Worked perfect

Thanks for your fast service and the product is great, too.

I don't know what you receive my previous email. But the needle was broke off the stylus. Beside the point it didn't fit anyway. So is what I need is a stylus and a cartridge that is compatible with my turntable. Thank you look forward to hearing back from you

ORACLE ALEXANDRIA MK III Turntable Replacement Belt

It met all expectations.

JICO replacement Shure N44-7X stylus
Matthew Lewis (Barre, US)

Fits Shure M 35X Cartridge perfectly. Sound is quality.

Stylus for Pioneer M-6500 turntable
Laurence (Melbourne, AU)

Stylus for Pioneer M-6500 turntable

Three Cheers

I now have better than twenty hours of listening with my new Jico V-15 Type Three HE from LP Tunes. I say “ three cheers”, for Jico’s V-15 Type Three. It sounded excellent from the start, and has continuously improved with play. Used first with a Dual 1229, then a Technics SL-5350, it provides strong bass, pleasing midrange and detailed treble. Better than my original Shure from 1974? Yes. In my opinion, it is definitely a worthy upgrade. If you’re fence sitting, I recommend you take the plunge.
SM in Florida

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