JICO SAS stylus replacement for Shure N91E stylus


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  • • JICO SAS Shure N91ED stylus for Shure M91 cartridge
  • • Diamond shape closely resembles cutting stylus used in master disc production
  • • 1.25±0.25 g tracking force
  • • Extremely stiff special aluminum alloy tube and boron cantilever
  • • Genuine made in Japan JICO stylus


The JICO SAS stylus replacement for the Shure N91E N91ED needle stylus is used with the Shure M91E phono cartridge and its series. The stylus elevates the above cartridge to its pinnacle performance and sound quality. The SAS tips are produced using a natural octahedral single-crystal diamond with the most advanced electronic engineering technology. The cantilever is made of special aluminum alloy tube and boron for extremely efficient transmission of vibrations. Rare earth metals with excellent electromagnetic conductivity compose the magnet for the stylus.


SAS stylus Line Contact stylus Elliptical stylus Conical stylus


  1. Compatible with wider and deeper grooves (Micro Groove).
    The diamond tip consists of a meticulously selected natural single-crystal octahedron. Precision work on the crystal allows for a wide range of grooves. The Super Analogue Stylus can safely be used on recent records which tend to have deeper grooves and with 30-280 micron grooves opposed to the simple conventional 30-80 micron.
  2. Ultra precision thinness and configuration results in supreme sound reproduction.
    The stylus tip is of optimum height and a uniformly ultra-precision finish. The Super Analogue Stylus has a curvature with a smaller radius that was impossible with the Micro Ridge Stylus. As thin as a razor blade and machined with ultra precision, the stylus tip ensures unsurpassed fidelity.
  3. Reduced distortion caused by needle abrasion.
    The Super Analogue Stylus tip eliminates lateral and frontal abrasion. Since the curvature radius does not change, the stylus accurately traces without missing any delicate signals. This makes it perfect for reproducing high frequencies and wide dynamic range which require a highly precise radius for tracking the inner record grooves!
  4. Polished finish that virtually preserves your record's grooves.
    World-class polishing technique is used on each stylus. This is designed to preserve the details of the record groove structure for a very long time virtually for the life of the vinyl.
  5. Extreme quality testing with emphasis on performance.
    Stringent quality inspections and tests using unique and high level technology are performed on all materials and at every level from the manufacture of parts that transmit vibrations to the cartridge (the cantilever, magnet and wire) to the final assembly by skilled artisans.

If you are unsure if this is the correct stylus please contact us here


Beware of counterfeits! There is only one Jico distributor in the US, Canada and all of the Americas: LP Tunes. A Jico stylus comes in Jico packaging or with Jico US engraved on the stylus. All others are selling styli of unknown origin and quality. Contact us to verify the authenticity of the claimed Jico stylus before buying.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Matthew P. (Moraga, US)
Exceeded Expectations

Bought the SAS for my Shure M91E cartridge on my Dual 1229. I bought the turntable about 18 months ago with no history on the age of cartridge or stylus. While it sounded pretty good (I thinnk), in truth I had no reference as I hadn't owned or listened to a turntable sine the late 80's. So I decided to take a flyer on this stylus and the difference was immediate and very noticeable. Very pleased with the quality and the service from LP Tunes. The only downside (financially, anyway) is that now I'm buying a lot more vinyl.....

Jay K (Brooklyn, US)
Non-Expert Review

I’m no expert, but I love good sound and this sounds great!

George Griswold (Metairie, US)

Perfect. Very detailed...

Dean Lange (Kamloops, CA)
Jico sas stylus

Speedy process! Product as described. Mille Grazie!

RJ (Santa Cruz, PH)

Great sound! A lot more detailed than the previous stylus. Took out the harshness on the higher frequency. Smoothened the low range.

Steve M (Clayton, US)
musical investment and very happy!

I had read reviews and more reviews. I am glad I splurged and tried this type stylus for my M91ED, it brings this shure cartridge up to near my shure v15vmr, which I think is as good as almost anything out there, without spending ridiculous money. I am hearing some details on certain recordings I hadn't heard before. Solid bottom, balanced midrange and detailed cymbal strikes, it's all there and nothing exaggerated! Makes me smile and spin more records. Love it!

Daniel Majorie (New Orleans, US)
Shure M91 with JICO SAS

Wow! What a great combination. I was impressed with the M91 with the JICO elliptical stylus and wanted to see what the SAS could do. The SAS brings out all the detail you didn’t know was there with no distortion. The JICO SAS is worth every penny. Do not hesitate to buy.

mike langeslay (Hood River, US)
JICO SAS stylus replacement for Shure N91E stylus

After e-mailing me to correct/confirm my billing address, this shipped quickly. I purchased this stylus to replace my original Hi-track stylus, which I don't want to wear out (you cant get these anymore). The new JICO stylus sounds noticeably better than the original Sure Hi-Track stylus (which is still in good condition).


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As advertised, quick shipping. Thank you