Stylus for Garrard 6-300 6 300 turntable

Stylus for Garrard 6-300 6 300 turntable

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The Garrard 6 300 turntable was fitted with a Pickering V-15HB/AT2 phono cartridge and a Pickering DAT2 needle stylus. A photo of the stylus replacement is provided above. The stylus features a highly polished conical diamond with .0007 inch scanning radius bonded to an alloy cantilever tube. It offers precision tracing characteristics and results in extraordinary accuracy and very high fidelity. The color of the stylus varies. Please verify and use this as a guide only since the cartridge and stylus may have been changed through the years.

Do not order the above stylus if it looks different from what you have. Instead, take a look at the info and marking on the existing cartridge and stylus and provide these to us. We need the brand and model number. Photos will also be helpful.

If the cartridge is missing or you prefer a new cartridge, please contact us for recommended replacement cartridges.

Upgrade Options
- For upgrades and accessories that enhance sound quality and fidelity, refer to Related Products.


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283 reviews

Fit well and works. Very happy

Helpful and quick

This team is really good at what they do. They were able to quickly identify the exact one I needed from a bad picture, send it in super quick time and followed up. Nice work. Can recommend

Wow! Just wow!

Incredible stylus replacement. I'm hearing sounds I've not heard before and with better dynamics. Better than original.

Mean and clean!

This is by far the best record brush I’ve owned and I’ve had a few. Made with minimal plastic, which is a plus!

Great help!

Identified what stylus type I needed. Gave me 4 price/quality options. All via email and quick. My turntable is back! THANK YOU!