Stylus for Realistic System 200 turntable

Stylus for Realistic System 200 turntable


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The Realistic System 200 turntable was fitted with a Realistic CZ-800-01 CZ800-01 phono cartridge and a Realistic 6-2339-1 62339-1 stylus. A photo of the stylus replacement is supplied above. The stylus features a highly polished conical diamond with an expected usage life of 600-1,000 playing hours. The color of the stylus varies. Please verify and use this as a guide only since the cartridge and stylus may have been changed through the years.

If the stylus above differs from what you have, then it means you no longer have the fitted cartridge. For us to assist you further, we need the cartridge brand and model number. This info is usually inscribed on the cartridge and stylus.


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Sounds terrific!

Replaced my original OEM stylus with this one. Not sure of the age on my original, but the SAS definitely made a difference. Inner grove distortion much much better. Better clarity as well. Would definitely recommend!

It's OK.

Does not looked like the original but it worked.

JICO replacement Shure N-97HE stylus
Danny Ryals (Brandon, US)
Old Shure N97he cartridge.

Your Great Jico replacement stylus for my Shure N97he cartridge has given my lp's a new sound that they have been missing. In these hard to get product times LP TUNES came thru for me. Thanks


very happy with the needle. packaged nicely & quick delivery.

It's not an exact replacement

Although the stylus fits into the cartridge, the length and angle of the stylus result in slightly different tonearm pivot to stylus geometry from the Shure stylus. Thus, all new setup is needed. In addition, the included brush is not viscously damped like on the Shure, which decreases the tracking ability. The audio quality has an elevated top end, and the output level seems higher.

Beware of the the 30% restocking fee if you want to return your purchase.