Rega P7 with RB700 tonearm Black Frame


  • $2,645.00

Rega P7 P-7 turntable, Rega Planar 7 turntable, Rega P-7 P7 record player, Rega Planar 7 record player

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Oooga Booga

I went to the well and purchased a second stylus. Man, this one sounds better than the first. Even though they are the identical stylus, this second one has some kind of magic going on. I am getting even more detail and transient response. Background vocals are even more defined. This second stylus is 95 percent of the original Shure stylus sound. Must be some kind of oooga booga magic going on. Seriously though, this v15rs stylus is sounding superb. If I give it too much of a glowing review, there will be a run on this stylus. Shhhh, let's keep this among ourselves.

Stylus for Realistic Miracord 45 turntable

Stylus for Shure R1000EDT cartridge

Awesome to be able to find such an old needle it plays wonderfully now my kid loves it...


Headshell needle perfect