Stylus Inspector Loupe

Stylus Inspector Loupe


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Gemologist quality loupe by Belomo with all metal housing and triplet glass optics for a bright, clear and close-up view of critical stylus parts especially diamond tip, cantilever tube and bushing. The Belomo loupe features an aplanatic and achromatic triple lens system (corrected for linear and color distortion). 10X and 21mm focal width for ease of use. This superlative quality loupe is made in Belarus by BELOMO, the acronym for Belarus Optiko Mechanichesckoye Obyedinenie (Belarus Optical & Mechanical Association). A joint venture with optics maker Zeiss was begun in 1995. The firm produces lenses and optical elements for microscopes and other optical equipment with ISO 9001 certification. The Belomo loupe is considered by some as one of the finest loupes available—comparable in quality and performance to such exalted names as Bausch & Lomb, Zeiss, Nikon, Kaya and Schneider.

How to use the Stylus Inspector Loupe
A loupe is designed to be used in a well-lighted location. Bring the Stylus Inspector Loupe up to your eye as close as is comfortable against your eyelashes (or near your eyegalsses) but without touching your eye. Be sure to keep both eyes open. It is natural to want to close the other eye but eventually it leads to eye strain more quickly than keeping both eyes open. Keep the gem loupe stationary. Bring the stylus in to the loupe to focus.

Slowly move the stylus back and forth until it comes into focus and maximum clarity. Because the loupe has very strong magnification, the focal range or aperture is very narrow. Slightly move the stone back and forth and turn it around to get different areas of the stylus into focus for examination.

Note: 10X is the standard for diamond and gemstone grading. We do not recommend higher than 10X magnification. It is difficult to focus. More importantly, it would require the user to bring the stylus very close to the lens and this could lead the end-user to accidentally hit and bend the cantilever.


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Who knew?

I don’t have the technical vocabulary to do this justice but this upgrade is fantastic.
The sound feels “fuller” and crisper and just generally better than the standard supplied stylus.
I can not recommend this more. If you own an LP60, wherever you are in the world, get this upgrade kit. You won’t regret it!
Their service is top quality too!

N91E JICO stylus

Replaced the old original stylus with the N91E JICO and WOW!! It sounds amazing!!
Delivery was timely and as advertised!! A+++
Thanks SO much!!

Stylus for Sansui P-L50 P L50 PL50 turntable
Alfred Billingsley (Colorado Springs, US)


SL 231

Very happy, that essential spareparts like a turntable belt are still available. Dimensions and quality perfect and so is the service of LP Tunes.

Stylus for Technics SL-D4 SL D4 SLD4 turntable
Georgia Brock (Melbourne, AU)

Stylus for Technics SL-D4 SL D4 SLD4 turntable

Sansui 4050c

Thanks LP TUNE for giving my vintage TT a new life. She will be spinning tunes with its new belt well into the future.

You're so very welcome, James! We happy to hear all is well and that you are pleased!

Replacement for Signet HiTec 103S stylus
edward Ryan (South Burlington, US)

Thanks for your delivery but my address is 194 west st,not 104 but all is well it found its way to me so thanks again

Hi Edward! Thanks so much for the 5-star review! We did utilize the information contained within the order itself which showed a house number of 104. Looks like a typo was made while ordering, but we are VERY happy the USPS found you. We do hope that you enjoy your product, and if there is anything we can do, please let us know!

Amazing stylus

First and foremost, amazing company and the highest regard due to their customer service. I can’t speak highly enough about my experience.

This stylus is brilliant. I didn’t want to replace my Ortofon D20 FL super cart as I’ve really enjoyed it (even with an original and mostly dead stylus). This has brought it back to life. Clarity back in the highs without being fatiguing, can’t wait til it’s broken in more . Do not hesitate to purchase.

Thank you so much, Kraig! We were so happy to assist you and are glad to hear you are pleased with your purchase. Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback!