Stylus for Stanton 681EEE cartridge

Stylus for Stanton 681EEE cartridge


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The replacement for the Stanton D6800EEE needle stylus is used with the 681EEE phono cartridge. The stylus features a highly polished special Vivid Line diamond for excellent tracing of record grooves. It results in very accurate rendition of voice and music. The stylus is very clean and captivating with precision pacing, natural tone and very good dynamics. It offers a solid and tranquil background from which music flows effortlessly and naturally almost without any trace of edge and sibilance.

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Special Notes
(1) The cartridge needs to be aligned and set-up properly using an alignment protractor. Due to its special ability to reveal detail, if the cartridge is improperly aligned, you will hear distortion.

(2) We recommend that you detach the supplied brush. It's easier to align and optimize and it delivers better sound quality.

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely awesome!

This is a top notch stylus! The sound is truly excellent! I was surprised at how great it actually is. It sounds very detailed, and when set up properly, sibilance and IGD are basically a thing of the past. HIGHLY recommended!

Stanton 681eee Vivid Line

I have been using this on my Stanton 680 cartridge with great success. Very smooth and articulate. This stylus is much better than the generic .2 x.7 stylus I was using. Alignment was slightly difficult but a small bubble level helped. Why Stanton/Pickering made a cartridge body with thin metal screw mounts is a puzzle. You have to make sure the cartridge is perpendicular to the record surface. Over the years I have seen some cartridges with a tilt between the body and mount. I am sure the LPTunes Shibata stylus for the Stanton 680/681 would sound better, but for my use the Vivid Line stylus is more than adequate


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Right part and prompt delivery

Very good 78 RPM stylus

The LP Gear Cerapreme 78 stylus brings the most out of the CEC/Chuo Denshi type ceramic cartridge for 78 RPM reproduction. If you put this stylus into a real Japanese CEC cartridge in a serious turntable, you end up with a very nice 78 reproducer. If you put it in a little Numark PT01, it makes for a very nice portable player for 78s. At its current price, this stylus is hard to beat.

I can't give a review at this time as the needles were purchased as spares and I have not used any, but they look exactly as the original.


Item received in good condition and performing well.

Replacement for Toshiba N-32DE N32DE stylus