Stylus for Signet MR 5.0ml cartridge

Stylus for Signet MR 5.0ml cartridge


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The original manufacturer, Audio-Technica, replacement stylus for the Signet Maximum Resolution Series MR 5.0ml cartridge features a highly polished, grain-oriented square shank, nude special elliptical diamond with a .0002 x .0007 inch radii. It is mounted on a tapered aluminum alloy cantilever for natural sound reproduction, long playing life, very high fidelity, dynamics and very high-resolution.

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MR5.0 Series

Signet had Five cartridges in this series. The top two were the MR5.0 LC and an MR5.0 ML. This stylus is set like the MR5.0LC (linear contact). The ML(microline) used a beryllium cantilever and a microline tip (do not recall the dimensions but was top of the line). A young person with a good ear may hear the difference when set up correctly, and it would add life to the albums. I have not seen any new stylus that fit these cartridges with the true microline diamond tip. Some state microline but use the linear contact such as this sylus. I have never used this stylus so I cannot actually give a review, just a comment. Hope this helps.

Stephen Hall (Columbia, US)
Terrific replacement stylus

I have a Signet MR cartridge that I love the sound of. However, the old stylus was clearly showing its age. I ordered the 5.0ml stylus replacement (as now made by AT); it was delivered promptly in its sealed original packaging. I was emailed of it's shipping, and was able to track the package along its journey. It has brought the cartridge's sound back to life - I'm very happy!

Nathan Longo (Stowe, US)

I made my vinal come alive again. Worth the money

William Moore (Germantown, US)
At 7v stylus

A considerable upgrade . Recommend

SCOTT C (Belleville, US)
Upgraded Replacement

I recently purchased a vintage Kenwood KD-500 Turntable that came with a Magnepan Unitrac 1 Carbon Fiber Uni-Pivot Tonearm and a Signet Cartridge with a MR b Stylus I decided to replace the Stylus since I had no idea how old or used the old one was found this here and it sounds Awesome.

Matthew Barrett (Portland, US)

Extremely fast shipping, exactly what was shown. Thank you.

Aaron Hayman (Portland, US)
Stylus for Signet MR 5.0ml cartridge

I spent more on this than a cartridge that I was looking at that came with a stylus (they all do it seems), but in the end it probably was the right choice as it's made my turntable go from a rather mediocre experience to a very good one. Now I'm much more compelled to put on my records...


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Turntable brought back to life

Glad that I found LP tunes while searching for a replacement belt for my 1983 Technics turntable, which had been in storage in a hot attic over 10 years, the belt was an exact fit, Enjoying my vinyl again!
Ill be searching LP tunes to replace my stylus soon and keep the current one as a back-up

Excellent stylus for KLH Model 20

The sound and fidelity are excellent. A big improvement over old used styli like those you might find on eBay, or incompatible versions you might find cheap on Amazon. Stick with this one.

Stylus for Stanton 500 cartridge
Dana Boyd (Chattanooga, US)

Sounds good

randall mcwilliams (Satsuma, US)
Technics SL-D202

Sounds really good without breaking the bank! Fit my old Audio Technica TM-3 cartridge!

Very helpful people

Replacement for Pickering DLE stylus
Roger Carpenter (Zion, US)
Quick Service

First time ordering (Pickering DLE Stylus) and happy with service.


I have a vintage, Realistic turntable that I lost the stylus. I looked a lot of places online, but there were just so many styles and variations. I was concerned I wouldn’t find the right one for my vintage turntable. I contacted LP tunes. I provided them the cartridge model # and they recommend a stylus. The stylus purchased arrived with fast delivery, the price was comparable to most others, and when it arrived and slid right into the cartridge and played my vinyl I could not have been more happy. I thank LP tunes for being prompt, having great communication and helping me out with my order. I will definitely order again.

Audio-Technica replacement ATN-70 stylus
Scott Hutchison (Arlington, US)
Sounds great!

I'm a pretty new record collector. To get started, I purchased a vintage Sony PS-LX2 at the thrift store and replaced it's original stylus with this. Then I set the counterweight, the tracking force and made sure the cartridge was aligned - low and behold - great sounding Music!