Stylus for Fisher ICS-320XA ICS 320XA ICS320XA turntable

Stylus for Fisher ICS-320XA ICS 320XA ICS320XA turntable


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The Fisher ICS-320XA ICS 320XA ICS320XA turntable was fitted with a Pickering phono cartridge and a Pickering D-AT-2 D AT 2 needle stylus. A photo of the stylus replacement is supplied above. The color of the stylus varies. Please verify and use this as a guide only since the cartridge and stylus may have been changed through the years.

For a stylus replacement that offers improved sound quality and performance, refer to the Related Products.

If the stylus above differs from what you have, then it means you no longer have the fitted cartridge. For us to assist you further, we need the cartridge brand and model number. This info is usually inscribed on the cartridge and stylus.

If you cannot identify, please contact us for a replacement phono cartridge suitable for the Fisher ICS-320XA ICS 320XA ICS320XA turntable.


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My Second SAS needle

I have the Shure V15VxMR cartridge. Shure does not make any new stylus for it since long time. When I first exchanged the original with a SAS one it looked like ll my records were new. I heard new details I never heard before. I never noticed any damage to my records over the year.
Now later I needed to replace, did not had to think long. I just bought another SAS.

get one you will be glad you did.

good service

Your service was great but unfortunately the package was misdelivered by the mail carrier and it took a few more days to arrive here.

Great service, great sound

Great company as they were accurate in all interactions. The new stylus sounds great!

TR-485U Replacement Stylus

Proper packaging and quick delivery of a replacement stylus for my Audio-Technica TR485U cartridge (circa 1983). New stylus was easy to install and works excellently.

The BEST performance! Thank you.