LP Tunes The Vessel A3SE Ultimate Pre-mount

LP Tunes The Vessel A3SE Ultimate Pre-mount


  • $148.00

The Vessel A3SE pre-mount's total weight is 15.6 grams.

  • • LP GEAR® Ultimate half-inch mount headshell
  • • Aligned length 52 mm for use with many tonearms
  • • SOAR HD5 headshell wires for exceptional sound quality
  • • Alignment adjustable for extra precision and compatibility
  • • Free alignment protractor


"LP Tunes's The Vessel A3SE cartridge is an absolute world-beater at $99. To say I was wowed is a huge understatement, and I very clearly preferred The Vessel A3SE to a lot of $400 cartridges I have tried before. The presentation is slightly forward in perspective, with sound that is silky-smooth, rich, clean, precise and detailed, with beautiful tonality from deepest bass to highest treble. The superlatives just flow when describing it, just as beautiful music flows from this exceptional cartridge." - Don Lindich, Sound Advice Q&A Newspaper Column"1 

"Experiencing the Vessel A3SE and its performance at the price is probably the most shocking experience I have had in 15 years of reviewing audio. There is a complete line of The Vessel cartridges and they can also be upgraded by changing the stylus, so it can grow with you when you upgrade to a new turntable. Given how great the A3SE sounds, I can only imagine what the more expensive models are like!"2 

"Once again, I don't stop listening to my dear old vinyls (and I've got many 100s). The quality of sound with this cartridge is UNSURMOUNTED! (That is not English, is it?). Anyway, you catch my drift. I am 62 and have been through more than a few record players in my life, but this is "unheard of" (sorry for the silly pun). In short: WOW!"3

The Vessel A3SE is a wonderfully disruptive cartridge. Its generous, organic and natural Full Spectra Sound complements any type of music on your list. 4 The beautiful, natural tonal balance, richly harmonic presentation and spatial resolution convey sentience the energy beyond hearing, beyond listening hiding in the grooves of your vinyl. It's more than just the sound, The Vessel cartridge communicates the emotional content in the groove. You'll hear it, you'll feel it and experience it. The A3SE features a beautifully-made Super Elliptical diamond and uprated parts and materials handcrafted in Japan. Upgrading is as simple as swapping the stylus.

The Vessel A3SE Cartridge Specifications 
- Type: Moving Magnet 
- Frequency range: 20-25,000 Hz 
- Output voltage @ 1kHz: 3.0 mV 
- Channel balance @ 1kHz: <1.5dB 
- Channel separation @ 1kHz: 22dB 
- Dynamic compliance (100Hz): 8 × 10-6 cm/dyne 
- Tracking ability at 2.0g : 60 µm 
- Cantilever: Special type aluminum pipe 
- Stylus type: Super elliptical 
- Stylus tip radius: 7.6µm × 15.5µm 
- Tracking force: 2.0 g 
- Internal impedance @ 1kHz: 670 ohms 
- Internal inductance: 270 mH 
- Recommended load resistance: 47 kOhm 
- Cartridge color, body/stylus: Black/Gold/Sky Blue 
- Weight: 6.0 g 
- Mounting hardware included: 2 × Screws, 2 × Nuts 
- Stylus replacement: A3SE stylus

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