Spin-Clean Record Washer MKII Special Edition Package


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~ Offers clear view for better cleaning performance!

The Spin Clean Special Edition is a limited production clear color version of the standard bright yellow Spin Clean Record Washer MKII Complete System Package. It includes the same extras (additional 32 oz fluid, extra pair of brushes and 5 extra drying cloths) as the yellow Complete package deal. This should please those customers who have not appreciated the bright yellow color.

The "clear" Special Edition allows the user to view the level of available cleaning fluid and cleansed residue at the bottom of the tank.

Since 1975, the Spin Clean Record Washer System has been one of the best value record washers in the world. It is an extremely cost effective alternative to all of the higher priced automatic vacuum cleaner type machines. It uses a proprietary and special washer fluid that encapsulates the dirt and keeps it suspended in the system instead of evaporating or redepositing it back on to your valuable record. Only the Spin-Clean record washing system uses this secret formula.

It does not leave any build up or film on your records. It is also one of the few systems on the market that will clean albums, 45's and 78's. With the Spin-Clean System you mix the concentrated record cleaning solution with water in the yellow reservoir base (small tank), The record stands vertically in the tray (as pictured), resting on adjustable rollers, as you rotate the record manually it passes through a set of two brushes that simultaneously deep cleans it on both sides. After you wash your records, you dry them off with a lint free cotton cloth.

- New improved UV grade resin for a more rigid and fade resistant washer basin
- Re-designed rollers for a smoother and quieter ride
- New foam and brush material to improve the deep cleaning of your records
- Improved formula of the washer fluid to further enhance the cleaning process
- New graphics for the general aesthetics of the unit
- New improved drying cloths

The Spin-Clean Record Washer System Complete Kit comes with:

  • Record Washer and Lid
  • 4 ounce bottle of Record Cleaning Concentrate
  • 32 ounce of Record Cleaning Concentrate
  • 2 pairs of Washer Brushes MKII
  • 1 pair of Washer Rollers MKII
  • 7 washable Drying Cloths
  • Instructions (in the lid)

"Theres nothing set-and-forget about the Spin Clean, but its cheap and it really, really works."
- Stereophile Magazine

Stereophile's Products of 2010 ACCESSORY OF THE YEAR

"I've discovered a new system that makes it easy and affordable for anyone to have cleaner and better-sounding records. It's the Spin-Clean Record Washer System MKII."
- Goldmine Magazine

"Meet my new best friend, Spin-Clean."
- Absolute Sound

"Finally, some good dirty fun with a clean result; and a manual vinyl record cleaner that invigorates those grubby treasures."
- Witchdoctor.com

"To me, the most important part of the system is the Spin-Clean Washer fluid, which has already become my favorite solution for cleaning vinyl...The unit is bright yellow for a reason: it allows one to see the amount of crud that has been removed from the grooves, as the dirt will rest at the bottom of the Spin-Clean unit...The Spin-Clean system works exactly as advertised. There was no denying it...the Spin-Clean Record Washer system is the best $60 one can spend to care for their LPs and enrich their listening environment...an insane value. It gets my heartiest recommendation."
- Enjoy the Music.com

Top 10 Great Audiophile Gifts For 2010
- Enjoy the Music.com

The Absolute Sound 2010 Product of the Year Awards

The Absolute Sound 2011 Product of the Year Awards


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