Replacement for Shure VN35SA stylus

Replacement for Shure VN35SA stylus


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The VN35SA expresses the innate musicality, delicacy and genuine natural sound quality of the Shure V15 Type III cartridge. Unlike the latest boron mounted replacement, the VN35SA retains the fluidity and the alluring pitch consistently extended from the original design.

The High Fidelity of Shibata1
Most styli (or styluses) are classified as spherical or elliptical depending on the shape of the tip that comes in contact with the record groove. Spherical styli are most common - especially as original factory installed equipment. The weakness of the spherical styli is that they cannot follow the groove accurately. When the groove changes in direction it has a narrower effective width and the spherical stylus tip is forced up so that it no longer traces the grooves. To overcome this problem an elliptical stylus was developed that could trace the groove more accurately even when there were lateral variations.

But elliptical styluses have one serious drawback: the area of contact between the stylus and the groove is very much reduced. This means that for a given stylus pressure the force on the record is much greater and this accelerates record and stylus wear.

The Shibata was developed to address the drawbacks of the spherical and elliptical styli. The new stylus had to have a larger contact area with the record groove than conventional ellipticals and yet had to follow the groove more accurately. With its shape, the Shibata has 4 times greater contact than was possible before. This effectively doubles the mechanical resonance frequency which in turn increases the frequency range.

The increase in the contact area by four times means that for a given stylus pressure the force on the record is reduced by the same amount; this increases record and stylus life by four times. And because the stylus has the ideal dimensions and shape it follows the groove more accurately, decreasing waveform and phase distortion and increasing fidelity. The increase does not apply to CD-4 alone; when played with a Shibata stylus, 2-channel records have greater fidelity.

Thus was its greatness born and four decades later, we can still experience its exceptional quality through its progeny - the LP GEAR VN35SA stylus. The Shibata stylus has a signature sound - it is melodious, slightly sweet at the top bereft of edginess, full-bodied and well-balanced across its wide frequency response range.

Upgrade Options
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Footnote 1: The section above regarding the Shibata stylus was derived from a JVC originated document entitled CD-4: An Introduction.

Customer Reviews

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Customer (Phoenix, US)
VN35SA stylus

My Shure V15 type lll is new old stock. I have been using the original stylus and love the sound. I have been looking for great sounding stylus to use with this cartridge just to be able to swap the original stylus for critical listening. I do not feel the need to do that with LP Tunes stylus. Everything is there, I can hear John Lee Hookers soft moans breathes and the highs of his guitar sounds like he is on stage in my listening room. The bass is full and sounds very accurate. My system is not a high end system, but this setup on my JVC QL A7 sounds absolutely great.

I have gotten and tried several other stylus for this cartridge. The black Diamond sounds good, The LP Tunes VL sounds a bit better. I was getting ready to get a SAS but found this stylus while searching around the net. From reviews and reading on the net and Vinyl Engine I believe this to be the best bang for the buck running.

C. Torres Jr. (Los Angeles, US)
A Solid Replacement Stylus for V15 Type III on Technics SL-1200 MK5

While I do have an SAS for my V15 Type III, it sounds a little bright, and the upper-mids are emphasized more than I'd like on my system. This stylus, which is stated to be a Shibata, sounds much more balanced. It doesn't trace some difficult, sibilant grooves as nicely as the SAS, but those cases of excessive sibilance are few - there wasn't any noticeable inner groove distortion when aligned correctly. I enjoyed the overall tone of this V15 with this stylus.

Jeremy St. Pierre (Latrobe, US)
Shure VN35SA on Dual 1219

Replacement for stylus on a “NOS” Shure V-15 Type III supplied with recently “rebuilt” Dual 1219. Noticeable improvement over stylus supplied! Also have Type IV w/ stock stylus. I had preferred the Type IV but since new stylus, prefer Type III. If you have a Type III that needs freshening up at a fair price, highly recommend this stylus. Great service from LP Tunes.


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Michael Watsonw (Wilson, US)
New life for a classic cartridge

I really enjoy listening to albums with my Empire S2000E/III and this new JICO stylus. It gives me another experience from my normal Ortofon 2m blue cartridge. I get a better upper range definition and slightly less bass with the Empire/JICO setup, and a perfect alternative cartridge for my budget stereo!

Good job

A different brand of stylus cartridge was on my record player, which I discovered when I bought the record player brand of replacement needle, and it didn't fit. I sent photos, and they were able to identify the correct stylus. It works!

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Works great and a good value.

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Received it in a few days



Great quality....fits great....thanks

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Brent Shoemaker (Arlington, US)
Exactly what I needed for my 70’s record player

Perfect fit - thanks

Excellent product

Have tried the replacements from the uk and all were sub standard. This one however coming in from America is a different matter. Sound quality is fantastic what a difference from British products. One drawback was delivery charges.

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Darlene Huebner (Austin, US)
Right fit needle

The needle for our Emerson record player is great.