Replacement for Pfanstiehl 213-D6 213D6 needle stylus

Replacement for Pfanstiehl 213-D6 213D6 needle stylus

SKU: 213D6

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The original manufacturer replacement for the Pfanstiehl 213-D6 213D6 needle stylus is a genuine copy of the Audio-Technica ATN-3472C ATN3472C needle stylus which is used in many phono cartridges under private label and installed in many turntables. The stylus features a highly polished conical diamond for long playing life and good rendition of voice and music.


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Grado 8MZ for my older ZF1 Grado cartridge

Grado 8MZ for my older ZF1 Grado cartridge Fits like a charm and sounds awesome, clarity and great bass and highs and lows. Great choice for alternative stylus .

All good

Great service!!

Waiting still.

The belt just crossed the Canadian border today. It may take another week before getting to my home. Wait and see...

I haven’t receive my order yet. Still waiting

Saved a wonderful turntable and cartridge

I found a Dual CS508 ULM turntable at the local Thrift Store. It still had the AT cartridge installed utilizing the Dual 1/2" adapter. I made a simple repair but upon testing, the cartridge had no output. I removed the headshell adapter and found that "fatigue" had cause the adapter to crack causing a loss of contact with the tonearm connection. I had bought to 1/2" adapters from ebay and transferred the AT cartridge to the new adapter and mounted it back on the tonearm. The turntabled played perfectly. As a matter of protocol, I ordered a new stylus from LP Tunes that fit perfectly. Thank you for still having this stylus in stock.