Rega P2 turntable in Black (Free US mainland Ground S&H)

Rega P2 turntable in Black


  • $545.00

The new Rega P2 turntable

FOR almost 30 years, the Rega Planar 2 reigned as the best budget turntable. There were imitators and pretenders, but none could match its simplicity, performance and value. With the new Rega P2 turntable, Rega makes it even better. Improved sound quality is again available from Rega at a comfortably affordable price.

Featuring the classic RB250 tonearm, the Rega P2 turntable comes with a brand new stabilized 22mm platter design for speed and rotational accuracy, high quality main bearing and sub-platter assembly, and refined 12v AC synchronous motor. You'll enjoy more detail and air, firmer bass notes and, more see-through quality.

The Rega P2 turntable is completely British-made and features:

  • the classic Rega RB250 tonearm
  • brand new 22mm stabilized platter design for speed rotational accuracy
  • high quality main bearing and sub-platter assembly
  • refined 12v AC synchronous motor with belt drive
  • Did we say it's made in England?
  • Rega sound quality


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52 reviews
Thank You!

Thanks for Awesome package and it feels like
Christmas gift from daddy!
Now My wife can listen music well again!
I will definatley purchase again next time when I need new one. Thanks again!

I am becoming an audiophile snob.

After having purchased a Pickering xsv3000 cartridge from The Auction Site, I finally decided to purchase a stylus for it. My musical listening tastes have changed over the years I have now realized. This stylus and cartridge combo presents more of a house party sound ....loud, deep bass, and extreme highs. I now desire a more mellow non fatiguing sound. I want to hear all the details and space and separation on my records. My ears have matured and I want to hear the performance in the sound not just over emphasized bass and treble. I have removed this combo from my turntable. This is not a knock against the stylus more so just an evolution in my expectations of what I expect out of my music presentation.

My personal take

This stylus is too bright in my opinion. It does not replicate the shure sound. Details are lost with this stylus also. I have aligned this cartridge three times after installing this stylus to no avail. Honestly, I am not a fan. I have reinstalled my Shure stylus. I heard so many good things about the SAS stylus but it does not do it for my ears.

Quite satisfying

I purchased this stylus on sale as a replacement for an MF1 cartridge I previously purchased on an auction site. From the off it played with warmth, detail, clarity, and dynamics that I was not expecting. It is getting even better as it breaks in. I can't imagine how the highly-touted 8MZ must sound.