LP Tunes replacement for Audio-Technica ATN201EP stylus

LP Tunes replacement for Audio-Technica ATN201EP stylus


  • $33.98


Special elliptical diamond tip for expressive sound quality
0003 .0007 inch radii for precision tracing accuracy
High strength aluminum alloy cantilever for firm contact with grooves

Made to reproduce with high fidelity and sound quality, this fine LP TUNES ATN201EP replacement stylus features a higher quality diamond tip than the original and sound accuracy tantamount to its improved performance. The stylus features a highly polished special elliptical diamond with a .0003 x .0007 inch radii. Order to enjoy listening to your records and to share music with your friends.


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Waiting still.

The belt just crossed the Canadian border today. It may take another week before getting to my home. Wait and see...

I haven’t receive my order yet. Still waiting

Saved a wonderful turntable and cartridge

I found a Dual CS508 ULM turntable at the local Thrift Store. It still had the AT cartridge installed utilizing the Dual 1/2" adapter. I made a simple repair but upon testing, the cartridge had no output. I removed the headshell adapter and found that "fatigue" had cause the adapter to crack causing a loss of contact with the tonearm connection. I had bought to 1/2" adapters from ebay and transferred the AT cartridge to the new adapter and mounted it back on the tonearm. The turntabled played perfectly. As a matter of protocol, I ordered a new stylus from LP Tunes that fit perfectly. Thank you for still having this stylus in stock.

Fit perfectly

My turntable is up and running. Good as new

Product is excellent, JP Tunes not so much.

High quality Stylus worth every penny. Not as good as the SAS but very clear all over sound.