LP Gear Cerapreme Blue stylus

LP Gear Cerapreme Blue stylus


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- Maximum musical experience

The LP GEAR Cerapreme Blue stylus elevates the sound quality of the humble ceramic cartridge used as original equipment in many nostalgia record players and modern turntables. It features a low mass natural diamond precision polished to true special elliptical shape with 0.0003 inch scanning radius allowing accurate tracing of all stereo record grooves. Uplifted by a thin wall aluminum alloy tube cantilever, the special elliptical diamond's bearing radius of 0.0007 inch supports the stylus force providing optimum reproduction and preserving the long playing life of your records. The Cerapreme Blue summons the notes from the contours of the record grooves with extraordinary musical expressiveness.

The Cerepreme Blue stylus has the ability to portray a convincing sound stage and better harmonic accuracy. It unveils the purity and freedom heretofore masked by mundane and inferior styli often found with factory equipped ceramic cartridges. The Cerapreme Blue offers the maximum most-for-the-money stylus.

Upgrade Options
- For the Cerapreme 78 RPM stylus, upgrades and accessories that enhance sound quality and fidelity, refer to Related Products.

Customer Reviews

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Not an exact fit

The Cerapreme does deliver on the much better sound reproduction claimed, however its not a exact fit for my the ION LP Archive turntable, it installs but not smoothly you have to work it into correct position, it just doesn't snap into place like the original stylus, it can fall off, though its shape looks exactly like the OEM stylus, there's a slight difference somewhere keeping from being a perfect fit, for a few more dollars more I should have bought the cartridge and stylus combo and replaced it all.

An Excellent Replacement For Ceramic Cartridges

Uniquely Cut In The Eliptical Shape, This Sylus Gives The Best Possible Highs That Can Be Attained From Ceramic Cartridges. Great Product.


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Helpful and quick

This team is really good at what they do. They were able to quickly identify the exact one I needed from a bad picture, send it in super quick time and followed up. Nice work. Can recommend

Wow! Just wow!

Incredible stylus replacement. I'm hearing sounds I've not heard before and with better dynamics. Better than original.

Mean and clean!

This is by far the best record brush I’ve owned and I’ve had a few. Made with minimal plastic, which is a plus!

Great help!

Identified what stylus type I needed. Gave me 4 price/quality options. All via email and quick. My turntable is back! THANK YOU!

Excellent replacement for Sony N-6516

Excellent replacement for Sony N-6516 stylus. Specs match correctly and manufacture is of good quality.