Improved stylus for Pioneer PL-Z95 turntable

Improved stylus for Pioneer PL-Z95 turntable


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How to Identify Which Stylus will Work with Your Turntable

Stylus Model: Improved Replacement for Pioneer PN-210
Used with Cartridge Model: Pioneer Phono Cartridge
Used with Turntable Model: Pioneer PL-Z95

  • Aluminum Cantilever: The aluminum cantilever allows for a firmer grip on the record groove, thus resulting in better sound quality. The cantilever is also more durable and longer lasting.

The color of the stylus varies. If the stylus depicted in the picture above differs from what you have, DO NOT ORDER this stylus.
Instead, take a look at the markings on the existing cartridge and stylus and provide us with the brand name and model number. Photos will also be helpful.

For a stylus upgrade, replacement parts and accessories that can offer improved sound quality and performance, please refer to the Related Products below.


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Terrific customer service

I had terrific customer service, I was trying to switch out a part on a turntable, switching out a DJ straight tonearm for an s-shaped tonearm. Wasn't sure it was going to work they offered to let me send it back if it didn't. It worked great. They returned several phone calls and made every attempt to answer my questions. Thank you!

I also purchased a new cartridge a CF 95 SE and was not sure about the carbon fiber cantilever. They answered all my questions the cartridges is absolutely outstanding I love it!

LP Tunes is definitely recommended. Thank you!

Michael Roland

Replacement stylus

Excellent service, well packaged and quick shipment. Would buy from LP Tunes again.

Thank You!

Thanks for Awesome package and it feels like
Christmas gift from daddy!
Now My wife can listen music well again!
I will definatley purchase again next time when I need new one. Thanks again!

I am becoming an audiophile snob.

After having purchased a Pickering xsv3000 cartridge from The Auction Site, I finally decided to purchase a stylus for it. My musical listening tastes have changed over the years I have now realized. This stylus and cartridge combo presents more of a house party sound ....loud, deep bass, and extreme highs. I now desire a more mellow non fatiguing sound. I want to hear all the details and space and separation on my records. My ears have matured and I want to hear the performance in the sound not just over emphasized bass and treble. I have removed this combo from my turntable. This is not a knock against the stylus more so just an evolution in my expectations of what I expect out of my music presentation.