Graham Slee Solo headphone amplifier

Graham Slee Solo headphone amplifier


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The Graham Slee Solo headphone amplifier is the choice of several studios and editing suites for one very important reason - the Solo headphone amplifier makes it easy to hear the editing cues. These are musical cues that are part of the performance, but they happen so quickly that lesser headphone amplifiers are not able to resolve quickly enough and thus mask. This makes the editing suite's job very difficult indeed. The wide-bandwidth performance of the Solo headphone amplifier reproduces music with the highest resolution. Coupled with its excellent dynamics, the Solo headphone amplifier is the obvious choice for the professional user or for the pristine listener who wants to hear music as it was originally recorded.

Through the years the Graham Slee Solo headphone amp has received awards and accolades for its sound quality excellence.

Blue Note Headphone Amplifier Award - Enjoy the Music
Five Stars - What HiFi Sound and Vision Ultimate Guide
Editors Choice Headphone Amplifier -

"The strengths of the Solo Headphone Amplifier are in the extra high frequency extension, a superb transient response and an unsurpassed dynamic range. Percussion, flutes and bells all have an extra sparkle that breathes life in to the music" Phil Gold,

"If you are serious about headphones go and have a listen to the Solo - and be prepared to buy it there and then" What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision, 5 Stars

"This unassuming little box delivers a double-whammy of breathtaking resolution and gripping dynamics" What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision, 5 stars, Ultimate Guide

"Without a shadow of a doubt, the Solo is a very accomplished little amplifier" Rock Grotto. Read the full review (click here)

"...if you're in the market for a great sounding headphone amp and don't want to drop the kilo-bucks needed for "the other guys" amp, I'd seriously consider the Graham Slee's Solo" TNT-Audio. Read the full review (click here)

The Solo headphone amplifier features:

  • Two line level stereo inputs via gold plated phono sockets
  • Front panel source selector switch with "mute" position featuring gold "dry-switching" contacts
  • High resolution volume control accurate in any position
  • Auto-adjusting output to any headphone impedance
  • Power in reserve for inefficient headphones
  • Excellent bass extension
  • Short circuit protection

Solo Headphone Amp Specifications

Headphone impedance range: 8 to 2000 Ohms
Output driving impedance: 120 Ohms
Rated output: +14.5dBV rms into 600 Ohm load
Short circuit duration: continuous
Distortion THD+N: 0.02% @ 1 kHz *
Frequency response: 12Hz to 150 kHz (-1dB) *
Output noise: -88dB (A) / –82dB (CCIR Quasi-peak 20Hz-20kHz) *
Input sensitivity: 346mV rms (-7dB) for rated output
Gain: 22.5dB into 600 Ohm load
Sound pressure level gain V load: 8 Ohms: +23dB (239mW rms)
30 Ohms: +23dB (205mW rms)
120 Ohms: +21dB (127mW rms)
300 Ohms: +18dB (73mWrms)
500 Ohms: +17dB (44mW rms)
600 Ohms: +16dB (43mW rms)
1,200 Ohms: +14dB (25mW rms)
1,700 Ohms: +12dB (18mW rms)
2,000 Ohms: +11dB (14mW rms)
Supply voltage: 24V DC (nominal) 90mA (max.)
Size (approx.): W: 107 x H: 50 x D: 185 (mm) inc. controls

*Ref: Volume control set 6dB below rated output into 600 Ohms


The Solo headphone amplifier is designed by Graham Slee, a real electronics designer specializing in bi-polar technology. Graham Slee has over 30 years industry experience and has been "behind the scenes" designer in both professional and hi-fi audio, designing and developing a number of preamps and power amplifiers.

The Solo is hand built and fully specification tested in England using selected high quality components to achieve its remarkable resolution and sound quality.


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Works a treat on my JVC quadraphonic system and despite the dreaded custom charges, it was still cheaper than modern equivalents and NOS stylus available elsewhere.

Nothing Like the Real Thing

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