Graham Slee Reflex M phono preamp

Graham Slee Reflex M phono preamp


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More music from moving magnet cartridge! The Graham Slee Reflex M phono stage preamp is the phono preamp for moving magnet, moving iron and high-output moving coil phono cartridges. The next stage following the exceptional legacy and world class standing of the Reflex, the Reflex M delivers musical reality that is closest to the recorded grooves.

One of the great innovations that made the Era Gold V phono stage preamp miraculous and the Reflex our next generation of Stereophile "Class A" recommended phono stage pre amps is their extremely good open loop linearity.

Negative feedback is used in most all amplifier stages to straighten their open-loop distortion, but often lashings of negative feedback has to be used to force them into linear operation. But as tube amp enthusiasts know, lots of negative feedback doesn't do good music.

The Reflex M phono stage preamp is highly linear before negative feedback is applied. The result is an uncanny reality that transports the listener into a very involving musical experience.

In areas where radio breakthrough is a problem, the Reflex M has been exhaustively tested and refined to reject radio frequencies. It cannot oscillate and tune a radio frequency.

Power Supply
The Reflex M phono preamp comes with the PSU1 linear power supply included and sounds best with it.

Graham Slee Reflex M Phono Preamp Specifications
- Input sensitivity range: 2mV to 10mV
- Output range (for above inputs): 224mV to 1120mV
- Maximum input: 46mV rms
- Maximum output: 5.2V rms
- Gain: 41dB (112) @ 1kHz
- Input impedance: 47k ohms plus 100pF (200pF approx. with arm cable capacitance)
- Output impedance (driving impedance): 1k ohms (will drive 10k ohms and above)
- Noise at output: -73dB CCIR Q-pk; EIN: -114dB
- Distortion: typically 0.01%
- RIAA accuracy: <0.3dB
- Frequency response: 20Hz - 200kHz ("flat", corrected to RIAA)
- Channel balance: 0.2dB
- Channel separation: 60dB

" was among the most well-balanced phono pre amps I've heard of any technology at any price. It got out of the way and let the music do the talking with great clarity and definition" - Michael Fremer, Analog Corner, Stereophile; September 2007

"On a track like "Looking for the Heart of Saturday Night" ... the Reflex was the more dimensional performer, especially in front-to-back depth" - Neil Gader, Graham Slee Era Gold V and Era Gold Reflex, The Absolute Sound; June 2, 2009

Should this product fail while being used for its intended purpose, within one year of purchase, we will repair or replace it at our discretion. Please contact LP Tunes for details. No other liability will be accepted. Your statutory rights are not affected.

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New Life for Shure V15V

The Shure V15 has always been an even handed, great tracking cart. Perhaps verging on the boring, for some tastes. The JICO SAS styli retain the lush midrange, even handed presentation of the cart, but with a shot of adrenaline and perhaps a tad more revealing than the original styli. Super product!


Works a treat on my JVC quadraphonic system and despite the dreaded custom charges, it was still cheaper than modern equivalents and NOS stylus available elsewhere.

Nothing Like the Real Thing

When Shure was no longer a stylus option, and I saw JICO here n there (ahem ahem) I was suspicious, but thankfully checked the sole supplier I saw website directly, LPTunes, and got a Straight Answer ASAP to my question whether their stylus were refurbished or factory NEW, which they proved to be. Not only do my LP's play CLEARER than they did with the SHURE styluses; they actually play LOUDER! Could be Just My Imagination. Who knows?