Graham Slee Cusat 50 Interconnect cable with RCA plugs

Graham Slee Cusat 50 Interconnect cable with RCA plugs


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The Graham Slee Cusat 50 interconnect cable is designed for outstanding low-noise wide-band performance. Capable of working from DC to a few Gigahertz, it is double-shielded to keep out radio-frequencies which cause audible low frequency imaging distortions and often, radio-breakthrough.

  • For Analogue and Digital Audio
  • Greater performance integrity
  • Unambiguous bass with real depth solidity and tonality
  • No splash or blurring
  • Natural piano reproduction
  • Accurate percussion
  • Correct voice inflection
  • Directional lay-up
  • Low capacitance: 50pF/Metre
  • 100% double screen coverage for low noise pick-up

Please note: Phono plugs and braided covering subject to design change

The Cusat 50 is the signal interconnect cable that Graham Slee uses in the research and development listening tests of their phono stages and headphone amplifier products. So if these products work as well as the reviews make out, just think how much better they'll sound using these Interconnects?

The copper losses are extremely small which supports bass "hold-up" and therefore they fully allow the essential foundation of the music to be transmitted with commanding authority - far greater than thin wire or thin foil Interconnects.

Memory effect causes blurring and confusion, and is caused by dielectric absorption. The "honeycomb" construction using polyethylene as the dielectric over a thick single core polished conductor reduces the "drag" due to micro-current flow in adjacent insulation taking the dielectric absorption as low as an insulated cable can go. Micro-current flow in insulation is a common characteristic that all cables have to some degree, and if you don't believe that, please research the national grid and why power cables don't overheat.

Part one of the screen is partial braiding around the outside of the polyethylene dielectric which makes minimal contact, further reducing dielectric absorption. Part two of the screen is an overlapping copper foil which reinforces the braided screen conductivity to equal the core. Together, they effectively screen out virtually all sources of interference.

Lay-up is in the direction the wire was drawn into its associated strands indicated by a chevron decal as well as the direction of any visible cable print. We don't yet have an answer as to why a cable used in one direction should sound any different to the opposite direction (diode arguments don't hold water with alternating currents), but it may be found that these cables sound better connected backwards when used with phase inverting stages.

Phono connectors aren't exactly the best idea in the world, so it pays to have phono plugs that take up the slack. The Cusat 50 center pin is split to accommodate different tolerances on phono socket center contacts, and the ground contact is a collet type which tightens onto the socket by rotating the barrel of the phono plug. The plugs are Teflon insulated so as not to compromise the Cusat 50 speed.

The capacitance is just 50pf. The minimal loading presented to outputs such as the Graham Slee Era Gold and Reflex allows an explosion of musicality, and lead to greater definition and integration with the Gram Amp range.


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Grado 8MZ for my older ZF1 Grado cartridge

Grado 8MZ for my older ZF1 Grado cartridge Fits like a charm and sounds awesome, clarity and great bass and highs and lows. Great choice for alternative stylus .

All good

Great service!!

Waiting still.

The belt just crossed the Canadian border today. It may take another week before getting to my home. Wait and see...

I haven’t receive my order yet. Still waiting

Saved a wonderful turntable and cartridge

I found a Dual CS508 ULM turntable at the local Thrift Store. It still had the AT cartridge installed utilizing the Dual 1/2" adapter. I made a simple repair but upon testing, the cartridge had no output. I removed the headshell adapter and found that "fatigue" had cause the adapter to crack causing a loss of contact with the tonearm connection. I had bought to 1/2" adapters from ebay and transferred the AT cartridge to the new adapter and mounted it back on the tonearm. The turntabled played perfectly. As a matter of protocol, I ordered a new stylus from LP Tunes that fit perfectly. Thank you for still having this stylus in stock.