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Grado SR-60 SR60 headphones


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The legendary Grado SR60 has long been the standard to beat in inexpensive headphones. It is one of the two most awarded headphones in history, the other being another Grado headphone, the SR125. The SR60 has received rave reviews from around the world and is the most commonly recommended headphone in the market today. The SR60 was awarded Stereophile "PRODUCT OF THE YEAR" in two categories, "The Accessory of the Year" and the prestigious "Budget Component of Year".

The SR60 offers smooth, liquid sound and tight bass. It works very well and sound fantastic with portables and inexpensive home audio electronics. For many people, their ears will awed by this remarkable headphone.

Features of SR60 headphones
- Vented diaphragm
- Non-resonant air chamber
- Standard copper voice coil wire
-Standard copper connecting cord
- Mini plug with 1/4" adapter

What people say about the SR60

"I love my iPod but hate its wimpy, tinny earbuds. So I replaced them with a pair of Grado SR60s. They look like AV lab equipment circa 1981 yet cater to audio snobs, packing high-end quality into lightweight plastic ant foam. These can give vibrant fidelity, even at low volume."
Stuart Luman, WIRED magazine

"The Budget Grados stand comparison with Audiophile headphones costing many times their prices.
Way Recommended!!!"
Corey Greenberg - STEREOPHILE Vol.17, No.6

"The most varied group to be voted on, there was very little spread in the balloting with one exception: Grado's remarkable SR60 headphones. Both Corey Greenberg and Sam Tellig raved about the SR60s in print. Pretty much every other writer who tried them voted for them."
John Atkinson - STEREOPHILE Vol.17, No.12

"Superb musical performance; free from the in-head lateralisation that plagues headphones."
HI-FI Chioce


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Great service

Happy customer.

Sounds terrific!

Replaced my original OEM stylus with this one. Not sure of the age on my original, but the SAS definitely made a difference. Inner grove distortion much much better. Better clarity as well. Would definitely recommend!

It's OK.

Does not looked like the original but it worked.

JICO replacement Shure N-97HE stylus
Danny Ryals (Brandon, US)
Old Shure N97he cartridge.

Your Great Jico replacement stylus for my Shure N97he cartridge has given my lp's a new sound that they have been missing. In these hard to get product times LP TUNES came thru for me. Thanks


very happy with the needle. packaged nicely & quick delivery.