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Grado Red stylus


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The Grado Red stylus is designed for the Grado Red phono cartridge and equivalent Grado phono cartridge models. The Grado Red stylus elevates the Grado Blue phono cartridge to the fidelity and sound quality of the Grado Red phono cartridge.

How to replace and install Grado stylus (PDF)
How to replace and install Grado stylus (JPG)

Customer Reviews

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Erik Dalecki (Buffalo, US)
Great sounding stylus

I picked up an older Grado ZF3 pmount cartridge, so I found the red3 stylus as a perfect replacement. Running it on a Technics SL-J2 and it sounds fantastic! I like buying from LPTunes, fast shipping and well packaged.

Jon W (Naperville, US)
Grado red is an excellent value; LP Tune(s) quick and professional

Received the most up-to-date Grado Red3. It was shipped relatively quickly even for the most cost-conscious shipping option. In-stock, picked and shipped quickly, and with timely (and accurate) automated tracking updates. Pretty darn good service! And as for Grado Red it's just such a great p-mount cart. For the money a fantastic cart, dead center, nice deep, rich soundstage that provides detailed separation of instruments without any veil. Really helps that it captures the real sound decay of sax and cymbals that paired with good speakers and capable pre/amp and robust amplification absolutely sings. It's silky and not sibilant, but exhibits all the emotion of the artists. And bass reproduction is fantastic to boot. I'm sure there are significant improvements in clarity available at much higher investments, but for the money this gets you pretty far up the listening experience. Enjoy!

Michael Nelson (Huntington Beach, US)
Grado Red Stylus

This was the first replacement stylus for my 32 year old Yamaha turntable! It needed it. The sound is much more live with more punch, depth and range. The only downside, those pesky pops and cracks aren't muffled out by a dead stylus. :). I also bought a new bottle of cleaner to help continue to care for my old vinyl.

Frank Leto (Tucson, US)
Nice Upgrade

Upgraded from Blue to Red. Very nice sound. Smooth sounding when playing classical music. Definitely worth the sale price from LP Tunes. Safe and quick shipping. I say go for it if you are a Grado user.

Bryan Ridge (Flora, US)
Grado Red Stylus

Upgrade from Green to Red. I can definitely tell the difference.
Shipping speed from LP Tunes super fast.

Guy Keehner (Southaven, US)

Perfect fit, looks great


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Great selection, fast shipping, quality products.

Recently ordered a Jico neoSAS/S stylus for my Shure V15-III from LP Tunes. Great selection and easy website to navigate.

Replacement for Pfanstiehl 159-DS73 159DS73 needle stylus

LP Gear ATN-3600DLXVL ATN3600DLXVL stylus
Ludwig O'Hallorans (Miami, US)
best upgrade for AT3600L cartidge

Upgraded from the original to this and the sound is incredible even in the Retrolife turntable I got it for.
Check the UPDATE in my review of the turntable in Amazon:

Exceptional value for money and excellent service!

Having spent years accumulating mostly Onkyo vintage kit and designg/building my own speakers, I thought it was time to change the stylus on the excellent AT 132EP cartridge which came with a wonderful Technics SL QL1 Linear Tracking turntable I recently bought in excellent condition. After some research, came across various reviews on alternatives, then found the LP Tunes site and decided I would spend the extra for their 152 replacement stylus with the Shibata diamond. Oh man am I glad I did! The lack of surface noise and improved musical reproduction is mind blowing. If you have a suitable cartridge, I cannot recomend this stylus enough and also the excellent service and fast delivery from LP Tunes.
But I have to add that now I have two problems...
a) deciding whether to listen to MUSIC on the Technics turntable or through the also extraordinary value Topping D70s DAC with the splendid Onkyo DX 6750 CD player (especially as I got both 2nd hand in mint condition for half pice) or high quality streaming...
and b) still trying to wrap my head around how the heck that little needle skipping over the grooves can re-create that wonderful sound.
I can live with those dilemmas because as Plato said... "Music is a moral law. It gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, and life to everything. It is the essence of order, and leads to all that is good, just and beautiful!"

Needle replacement

The replacement was received quick. I was so appreciative how they staff was assisting me in helping me

This stylus is a perfect fit

I ordered the replacement stylus and received it very quickly. The fit is perfect, but I haven't had the time to anylize the sound quality as I replaced a Compass Gold stylus. Right off the bat it sounds pretty good. I have three other cartridges and this cartridge was a pretty close performer to my Ortofon 2M Blue, with the Compass Gold stylus.

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Ortofon 2M Bronze Stylus
Dennis Hull (Saratoga Springs, US)

Ortofon 2M Bronze Stylus