Elliptical stylus for Pioneer PL-990 turntable

Elliptical stylus for Pioneer PL-990 turntable


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How to Identify Which Stylus will Work with Your Turntable

Stylus Model: Replacement for Pioneer PZ-P1004E
Used with Cartridge Model: Pioneer Phono Cartridge
Used with Turntable Model: Pioneer PL-990

  • Elliptical Stylus: The elliptical shape of the diamond stylus makes more contact with the grooves of your record, resulting in higher tracing accuracy with exceptional sound clarity and detail.
  • Aluminum Cantilever: The aluminum cantilever allows for a firmer grip on the record groove, thus resulting in better sound quality. The cantilever is also more durable and longer lasting.

The color of the stylus varies. If the stylus depicted in the picture above differs from what you have, DO NOT ORDER this stylus.
Instead, take a look at the markings on the existing cartridge and stylus and provide us with the brand name and model number. Photos will also be helpful.

For more replacement parts and accessories that can offer improved sound quality and performance, please refer to the Related Products below.


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451 reviews

I have emailed you previously to advise stylus does not fit my cartridge and I need to return it. I cannot tell if your other recommended styluses would fit either. Please advise.

very helpful

I bought a couple of items from you, I got one, and not the other. I called and I talked to a nice lady who told me they were shipped from different locations, and would be there the next day, and it was. Great product great service. Thank You!

So far so good

This Shure cartridge has a nice sound to it that isn't muffled like the m97xe. It's more animated and open. The bass is clearer. It seems like the older Shure models such as the m93.. So far there is a very slight sibilance that occurs, but I only have gone through a few records so far using a linear tracking Technics set at 1.265. I think this should change after a reasonable amount of time for break-in. I do like this cartridge and I am glad I purchased it.. Bought it with JIco replacement but have not tried it yet. I would purchase from LP Tunes when something else is needed.

Shipped fast and secure

Shipped fast and shipped secure.

outstanding service, stylus was a little expensive.