Earjoy YURI-TQ supersonic earphones - Undigital


  • $29.98

  • • 5 — 80,000 Hz for full-frequency sound reproduction
  • • Wired connectivity for unmitigated, realistic sound quality
  • • Designed and made in Japan for world-class workmanship
  • • Manufactured in limited batches for strict quality control
  • • Earjoy™ earphones — Undigital, uncompromised sound
EARJOY YURI-TQ (Torquoise Blue) supersonic earphones — UNDIGITAL

YURI is the Japanese word for the flower Lily (Lilium), a genus of herbaceous flowering plants growing from bulbs, all with large prominent flowers. The Lily flower symbolizes purity and refined beauty. YURI ia around the Manga girl in the product package.

In seeking to offer sound realism, Earjoy™ sought to reproduce the natural sound of its original source – not as it is observed, documented, coded and then re-presented. We believe natural sound is the sound everyone should experience and enjoy.

Our counterparts advocate with their corporate zeal and coffers that the human ear can only hear from 20Hz to 20,000Hz. This has resulted in corporate decisions for human kind to limit music reproduction to that range! This has resulted in the widespread production and adoption of devices for the digital ear. Digital sound is like an artifical plant or flower. No matter how you create it, brand it, re-name it, it is still fake!

At Earjoy™ we are UNDIGITAL. We produce for the human ear. Thus the rationale for the Supersonic Frequency Response (SSFR) of our earphones — the first of several undigital devices to follow.

Thus too our choice for wired over and above wireless and Bluetooth.

In search of a manufacturing partner, we decided on Japan over the many Asian choices. Our first criterion over any other is perfection or to be more elaborative — manufacturing excellence and craftsmanship. Our earphones are designed, manufactured and packaged in an artisanal, small factory deep inside a mountainside in Japan. The Earjoy team is all-Japanese with one exception—her founder is American.

Musicians and composers desire accurate recording and reproduction. They strive for complete reproduction of their art. Each earjoy earphone honors and plays the musician's artistic work in its purity. All else is artifice. All else is discarded.

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Easy to order. Very helpful. Great delivery. Only one very small problem; the needle ( looks exactly like the old one) doesn’t stay up tight. Droops a little. But plays records just fine!

Great Stylus and Great Service

The new JICO stylus for an Empire LTD200 sounds great! The LP Tunes Team worked with me to identify and promptly send the perfectly fit. I plan to keep LP Tunes at the top of my list for all turntable needs.

Stylus for Excel ES-70S ES70S cartridge
Guy Bessette (Vaudreuil-Dorion, CA)
Perfect fit

Plays like a new turntable

AR-XA Turntable Replacement Belt
Leon Yankelowitz (Auckland, NZ)

Not yet received. Be patient. It has to travel a long way.

Old Sanyo needle

Ordered it got the correct needle within a week listened to my records the next day. Great service here just wish I could have afforded to order a couple needles but I'm listening to my music again so until the next needle save up money. Thank you for great service!

The stylus I received works well and the service was great!

Just what I needed

I bought not one but 2 Shure styluses (styli?) out of fear they won’t be available next time I need a replacement. Hassle free and no complaints.

Philips GA-202 GA 202 GA202 Turntable Replacement Belt