Denon DL-301 II DL 301 II DL301 II phono cartridge - low output moving coil

Denon DL-301 II DL 301 II DL301 II Phono Cartridge - low output moving coil


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The Denon DL-301 II phono cartridge is the updated version of the popular Denon DL-301. The body style has been changed and output performance has been improved to provide a more detailed and articulate sound. In addition the output level of this standard output moving coil cartridge is slightly higher than most thus providing a strong response with plenty of punch.

1. Vibrating system with rigidity and light weight. The structure of the vibrating system, which is the most important element in determining the performance of the cartridge, employs a double layer tapered cantilever, a cruciform armature, and a minute solid diamond stylus. The use of this rigid and lightweight vibrating system results in proper damping, outstanding trace capability, dynamic sound and light tracking force. You get to enjoy music enormously while preserving the life of your cherished LPs.

2. Rigid body construction. In order to eliminate unnecessary resonance, not only has the structure of the frame been unified with high-strength resin to include the magnet and terminal pins, but also, a light-alloy precision-engineered case has been incorporated. As a result, rigidity of the body's structure has been improved thus resulting in a crystal clean and accurate sound quality.

3. Denon's unique 2-way dumping system. The unique Denon two-way dumping system has been employed to suppress tonal variations due to changes in room temperature and at the same time to obtain level frequency characteristics.

Denon DL-301 II Phono Cartridge Specifications
- Type: Moving coil
- Output voltage: 0.4mV
- Frequency response: 20Hz-60kHz
- Recommended load impedance: Over 100 ohms
- Channel balance @ 1kHz: < 1db
- Channel separation @ 1kHz: > 28dB
- Stylus tip: Special elliptical solid diamond with 0.07 x 0.14 mm rectangular cross section
- Compliance: 13 x 10-6 cm/dyne
- Recommended tracking force: (1.4g +/- 0.2g)
- Color: Gold/Black
- Weight:6 g

Customer Reviews

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Felipe Sancho (Salvador, BR)
My impression.

I still couldn't hear the needles. But they arrived perfect and the service of the store was excellent. Rarely in my life have I had such quality service. Thanks

wesley burt
Wonderful upgrade

Very musical cartridge. Punchy detailed lows, rich warm mids, and very clear highs.

Kenneth Roe (Galloway, US)

Well worth the money spent!!

N (Austin, US)

Well this was a massive upgrade! Matched to my Denon DP-45F table, it's near magic. Best upgrade I've made for my setup so far.

Keith McCary (Edgefield, US)
Great for the price!

LP Tunes had the best price on the DL-301II. As soon as I mounted the cart, it sounded awesome. I've read reviews where 10 hours breakin time was needed. Not mine. It sounded awesome right out of the box, I have more than 10 hours on it and still sounding great.

charin Kantawanichkul (Chiang Mai, TH)

It is still in the box for the new tonearm.the playing one is dl103.thanks for your concern.


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Very satisfied with the needle and quick turnaround time for the shipping!

Worked great

I now have a working record player thanks to the belt replacement

Problem resolved!

I recently came into possession of a Vintage Magnavox AM/FM radio-8track-turntable stereo console. Everything worked beautifully except the stylus (needle) was missing from the turntable. After much research and frustration in trying to find a replacement, L. P. Tunes popped up on my search viewer, so I contacted them. They responded right away and were able to find a replacement. Their Team Members were so great to work with and my problem was solved! Thank you, L. P. for the help. Kermit Clay

Replacement for Pfanstiehl 365-DS73 365DS73

This works great. I was having trouble finding the correct stylus for my player, but I was very happy with the customer service and I'm even more happy with the stylus. It came fast, and works very well :)

Just What I Needed

The stylus was just what I needed for my old Technics by Panasonic turntable. However, I thought the price was somewhat high with the shipping.

Dual TK14 TK24 236-242 Cartridge Carrier
Randy Murch (Los Angeles, US)

Exact replacement I needed after I performed a terrible solder job on the original. Thank you!