Blu-Tack Coupling & Damping Compound

Blu-Tack Coupling & Damping Compound


  • $9.99


BLU-TACK is a tacky, flexible, resistive damping compound typically used in audio as coupling between speakers and stands. It is primarily used between the bottom of the speakers and the top plate of the stands. The mechanical coupling is similar to the results obtained with spikes but without the the scratch and damage. Additionally, since BLU-TACK adheres to both surfaces, this serves as excellent speaker protection from shifting or worse (falling from the stands) if knocked.

The BLU-TACK coupling can be removed by rotating the speaker on the stand. It can be reused. BLU-TACK has many other uses such as holding up posters, cards or photos on a wall. It holds parts while soldering, holds screws to the tip of a screwdriver, even create art, etc. One package is enough to do many pairs of loudspeakers.


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Kenwood KD 38 r needle

Perfect ,happy this vendor had this vintage needle

It’s alive 30 years later

Perfect. Jamming to old times. MT-728

Belt is great , it enables me to ascertain other damage my turntable suffered in an earthquake.

good service

products came well packaged and would order more from LP Tunes

45 record adapter

good quality awesome price preformes flawlessly


Very satisfied with the needle and quick turnaround time for the shipping!

Worked great

I now have a working record player thanks to the belt replacement

Problem resolved!

I recently came into possession of a Vintage Magnavox AM/FM radio-8track-turntable stereo console. Everything worked beautifully except the stylus (needle) was missing from the turntable. After much research and frustration in trying to find a replacement, L. P. Tunes popped up on my search viewer, so I contacted them. They responded right away and were able to find a replacement. Their Team Members were so great to work with and my problem was solved! Thank you, L. P. for the help. Kermit Clay