Audio-Technica stylus for Audio-Technica Precept PC-220XE PC220XE cartridge

Audio-Technica stylus for Audio-Technica Precept PC-220XE PC220XE cartridge


  • $74.95


The Audio-Technica PCN-220XE PCN220XE needle stylus for the Audio-Technica Precept PC-220XE PC220XE phono cartridge features a highly polished nude square shank special elliptical diamond with a .0002 x .0007 inch scanning radii. It is mounted on a tapered alloy tube cantilever for minimum mass and excellent rigidity. The stylus is designed to offer excellent sound quality, long playing life, superb extraction and reproduction of groove embedded material. The stylus is also compatible with the Audio-Technica Precept PC-100, PC-110E, PC-220, PC-330LCU, PC-440, PC-440LC and PC-550ML phono cartridges. The stylus is made in Japan by Audio-Technica.


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Better than Dawn!

I've been using D4 fluid before playing Okki Nokki cleaned records. I read good things about the pure enzyme so I decided to try it. I give it about 2 minutes to soak on the record while brushing and then dry with microfiber. There is a definite reduction in clicks and surface noise that the D4 just could not do. I think this is a great product! I have a mmf-5 and take this record thing sort of seriously.

I am very happy with the product , mostly I am impressed with the efficiency of the service provided and the delivery service, thank you once again, it is a pleasure to be able to listen to my vinyl records, cheers all Rob Bell

Not received yet

I do not have info on parcel service in my country (Colombia) . You did not advise which parcel service was going to be used. If for any chance you sent it by the national service 4-72 (its name) , the envelope could take up to 3 (three) months to get here, please use private parcel services such as ‘Deprisa’, ‘Servientrega’ or ‘Envia’, never the national service 4-72 or ‘Interrapidisimo’ both the worst post services

Replacing a 30 year old Shure A 200 Stylus

The replacement cartridge works great! Very good sound.

SN40X stylus

Maybe the stylus is so bad, but the whole system - the stylus + the cartridge, did not left any good impression.