Audio-Technica ATN-152MLP ATN152MLP phonograph needle stylus (Discontinued, see Related Products)

Audio-Technica ATN-152MLP ATN152MLP phonograph needle stylus


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The Audio-Technica ATN-152MLP ATN152MLP needle stylus is discontinued and is no longer available. The stylus featured a MicroLine diamond for superior extraction of music from record grooves. It resulted in finer harmonic detail, dynamic contrast and clarity. It offered superlative performance with less wear and distortion than elliptical or conventional linear contact styli. The small curving rate of the stylus enabled it track and playback the inner part of the record groove that other styli can hardly maintain. Also, the curving rate of the stylus did not change until the stylus was almost worn unlike that of conventional styli which increased as they were used. Accordingly, the stylus has a much longer average playing life. The stylus was made in Japan by Audio-Technica.

For an alternative stylus replacement, refer to the Related Products.


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Does the job.

Glad I was able to find this belt and also glad I was able to find information as to how to open up the turntable to replace the belt!

Great upgrade for the sure M97xe

The sas is an aswsome upgrade to the sure cartridge. Normally the 97xe lacks just a little bit of detail in the high end and can get a little sloppy in the low-end. The SAS fixes this completely. Better imaging , as well as nicely detailed highs, and absolutly perfect tracackablity. Very impressed. Fyi yoy have to keep the stylus and records very clean, the tip of this stylus is much more prone to damage and abrasions from dirt and dust in the grooves.

Sound quality

Very satisfied with the Jico stylus, the product is of good quality, I am impressed and happy to have it. Thank you LP Tunes for providing a good product !

👍product was great, shipping is terrible

Shipping took to long. Over two weeks!!!!

Crisp Clear Clean

Bring on the Vinyl, installing a new VN-45MR stylus
Take in the FULL sound and enjoy!!!!