Audio Technica AT6091 Isolators (set of 4)

Audio Technica AT6091 Isolators (set of 4)

SKU: AT6091

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The Audio-Technica AT6091 Isolators are special anti-vibration rubber feet designed for use with audio and video high fidelity components such as CD and DVD players, turntables, amplifiers, pre amps, loudspeakers and video components. Placed under the cabinet of the chosen component, they dampen vibrations both on the vertical and horizontal plane and absorb the accompanying resonances that affect the sound quality of any high fidelity component. Each isolator has a load capacity of approximately 20 kg (44 lbs). With a set of 4 isolators, the load capacity is approximately 80 kg (176 lbs). The Audio-Technica AT6091 Isolators include transparent seals and protective sheets.


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Good service

Great service, price and delivery all the way to New Zealand

not what i needed but performs to the spec's issued

Well since i couldn't find a stylus for the sure 97E the ne95ed servers it's purpose. My main complaint is the high end is not as good but the stylus does a good job. I don't expect this stylus to perform as good as the 97e but it does perform to spec

Does the job.

Glad I was able to find this belt and also glad I was able to find information as to how to open up the turntable to replace the belt!

Great upgrade for the sure M97xe

The sas is an aswsome upgrade to the sure cartridge. Normally the 97xe lacks just a little bit of detail in the high end and can get a little sloppy in the low-end. The SAS fixes this completely. Better imaging , as well as nicely detailed highs, and absolutly perfect tracackablity. Very impressed. Fyi yoy have to keep the stylus and records very clean, the tip of this stylus is much more prone to damage and abrasions from dirt and dust in the grooves.

Sound quality

Very satisfied with the Jico stylus, the product is of good quality, I am impressed and happy to have it. Thank you LP Tunes for providing a good product !