AR-XA turntable belt replacement

AR-XA Turntable Replacement Belt

SKU: ARB006a

  • $19.95

  • • Precision flat belt replacement for AR-XA
  • • Restores speed accuracy
  • • Reduces wow and flutter
  • • Quiet operation and long playing life
  • • Condition: NEW


The AR-XA turntable belt replacement is designed for higher torque, smooth rotational speed, and reduced resonance transmissions into the platter.

If you are unsure if this is the correct belt, please use our free belt matching service here 

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Customer Reviews

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Nolan Libunao (Chicago, US)
AR XA Turntable Belt

Great replacement belt. Brought an old turntable back to life.

Leon Yankelowitz (Auckland, NZ)

Not yet received. Be patient. It has to travel a long way.

Winston Orcutt (New Fairfield, US)
LP Gear AR-XA Replacement Belt

This is a good quality belt but it is noticeably tighter and stronger than the two original belts I have, even allowing for their age. I read that Villchur took particular pains with the belt, so I think it is reasonable to be concerned about the differences.

I have ordered replacement belts for this turntable from other reputable sources with the same result -- and possibly the same belt. I suspect it is a metric belt that is considered a close match, not a replication of the original, inch-dimensioned belt.

I have no way to test whether the replacement belt holds the same performance specs as the original. The music sounds good, with perhaps a bit better bass and attack definition than my original belts, which are now some 50 years old. I am going to use this new belt for a while and hope that it does not stress the motor bearings.


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Worked perfect

Thanks for your fast service and the product is great, too.

I don't know what you receive my previous email. But the needle was broke off the stylus. Beside the point it didn't fit anyway. So is what I need is a stylus and a cartridge that is compatible with my turntable. Thank you look forward to hearing back from you

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Laurence (Melbourne, AU)

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SM in Florida

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