78 RPM stylus for Sylvania SRCD-817 SRCD817 turntable

78 RPM stylus for Sylvania SRCD-817 SRCD 817 SRCD817 turntable


  • $19.95


The 78 RPM stylus for the Sylvania SRCD-817 SRCD 817 SRCD817 turntable features a 3.0 mil polished diamond designed specifically for the correct tracing of the wide grooves of 78 RPM records. It results in minimal groove wear and accurate rendition of voice and music. The stylus is made in Japan by a world-class manufacturer with a reputation for crafting musically excellent and high-quality replacement styli.

A very common misconception is that you can use an LP stylus for playing 78 RPM records. This is one quick and sure way to damage the 78 RPM record grooves. To maintain the playback fidelity of your 78 record, you really need to use a stylus designed for 78 RPM records, otherwise with just a single playing, you could ruin the fidelity of the record grooves. Moreover, the LP stylus is much narrower than the 78 RPM record groove hence the tip will slide to the bottom of the groove where debris has collected for many decades. This results in extraordinarily high-surface noise.


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I am becoming an audiophile snob.

After having purchased a Pickering xsv3000 cartridge from The Auction Site, I finally decided to purchase a stylus for it. My musical listening tastes have changed over the years I have now realized. This stylus and cartridge combo presents more of a house party sound ....loud, deep bass, and extreme highs. I now desire a more mellow non fatiguing sound. I want to hear all the details and space and separation on my records. My ears have matured and I want to hear the performance in the sound not just over emphasized bass and treble. I have removed this combo from my turntable. This is not a knock against the stylus more so just an evolution in my expectations of what I expect out of my music presentation.

My personal take

This stylus is too bright in my opinion. It does not replicate the shure sound. Details are lost with this stylus also. I have aligned this cartridge three times after installing this stylus to no avail. Honestly, I am not a fan. I have reinstalled my Shure stylus. I heard so many good things about the SAS stylus but it does not do it for my ears.

Quite satisfying

I purchased this stylus on sale as a replacement for an MF1 cartridge I previously purchased on an auction site. From the off it played with warmth, detail, clarity, and dynamics that I was not expecting. It is getting even better as it breaks in. I can't imagine how the highly-touted 8MZ must sound.

Top Notch Headshell!

I mounted my Stanton 681EEE with a VividLine stylus (which is also amazing! See my review) to this headshell, and they seem like the combination was made for each other. The adjustable azimuth on this headshell made setting up the VividLine stylus much easier and with the precision needed. The lead wires that comes with this headshell are of the utmost quality litz wires, and make a noticeable difference in the playback of your beloved vinyl records. Small things like the finger lift on it make it a joy to use and cue up. The overall quality of this headshell is absolutely top notch and highly recommended for those looking to get the most out of their analog music experience through vinyl!

I didn't recive it yet

I didn recive my purchace. The tracking says that it stills in transit.