Turntable Belt Matching Service

Looking for a replacement belt for your turntable? Browse the top brands in turntable belts and record player belts to find the right replacement belt for your turntable. If you aren’t sure which belt to select, you can use our free belt matching service and we will help you find the perfect belt for your record player. If your turntable is not listed, all you need to do is send us via e-mail your existing belt's type (flat, round or square), measurements specifically its length and width, and present working condition (e.g., stretched but still working or no longer working).

To measure your existing belt's dimensions, follow the procedures below.
If you have the turntable belt:

State the type of belt used (Flat, Square, Round).
Pinch both ends of the belt.
Measure its length.
Multiply the pinched length by two (2x).
If the turntable uses a Flat belt, measure its width.
If the turntable uses a Round or Square belt, measure its thickness.
Please include the make and model of the turntable with the belt's measurements. 

If you do NOT have the turntable belt or it is shredded:

State the type of belt that the turntable uses (Flat, Round or Square).
Use a piece of string to tightly follow the belt's path.
Measure the length of the string.
Measure the width between the rims of the motor pulley that the belt can pass through without obstruction.
Please include the make and model of the turntable with the belt's measurements.
If you are still having difficulties please use the form below to contact us!


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3429 reviews
JICO replacement Empire S2000E/III stylus
Michael Watsonw (Wilson, US)
New life for a classic cartridge

I really enjoy listening to albums with my Empire S2000E/III and this new JICO stylus. It gives me another experience from my normal Ortofon 2m blue cartridge. I get a better upper range definition and slightly less bass with the Empire/JICO setup, and a perfect alternative cartridge for my budget stereo!

Good job

A different brand of stylus cartridge was on my record player, which I discovered when I bought the record player brand of replacement needle, and it didn't fit. I sent photos, and they were able to identify the correct stylus. It works!

9.1 Belt

Works great and a good value.

BASIS 2001 Turntable Replacement Belt
william levitanus (New York, US)

The replacement belt was a perfect fit.
Received it in a few days



Great quality....fits great....thanks

Replacement for Sears 91827 stylus
Brent Shoemaker (Arlington, US)
Exactly what I needed for my 70’s record player

Perfect fit - thanks

Excellent product

Have tried the replacements from the uk and all were sub standard. This one however coming in from America is a different matter. Sound quality is fantastic what a difference from British products. One drawback was delivery charges.

Stylus for Emerson A25 turntable
Darlene Huebner (Austin, US)
Right fit needle

The needle for our Emerson record player is great.