ViVid Line replacement for Shure N97xE stylus

LP TUNES ViVid Line Upgrade replacement for Shure N97xE stylus


  • $154.98

- Sweetness and detail that are masked by the stock original stylus. Offers really beautiful sound.

The N97xVL ViVid Line replacement for the Shure N97xE stylus offers Shure M97xE cartridge owners a more involving, exquisitely detailed and intimate musical experience. Listening is more enjoyable that the frequency rolled-off design of the original Shure stylus. This is the ViVid Line N97xVL's rare grace - its ability to draw the listener into the music and keep you there. Priceless performance, affordable earthly price.


The stylus comes equipped with an integrated stylus guard and a carbon fiber damper brush. The ViVid Line diamond tip is produced using a natural crystal diamond with the most advanced precision polishing technology. The cantilever is made of special aluminum alloy tube for efficient transmission of delicate vibrations and for organic sound quality.

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Footnote 1: Vinyl Asylum, "Is LP Gear's VIVID stylus for the M97Xe good? YES, g*d damnit; It is."

Customer Reviews

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Memnoch (St. Albert, CA)
LP TUNES ViVid Line Upgrade replacement for Shure N97xE

Excellent! It’s like a whole new cartridge.
Bright, full and lots of bass.
I have bought them for all of my Shure line - Type II,III, IV,V and N97xE.
Absolutely worth the expense!

Jim V (Schaumburg, US)
Great sound

I swapped out my stylus and popped some clean vinyl on to my turntable. Upon dropping the tone arm I immediately noticed less quiet track sound than I was accustom to. (I was at 3/4 volume.) As the music started it as apparent how brilliant this stylus was versus the original Shure stylus. For many years I my favorite cartridge as the Shure M91E. It was that brilliant sound made it my favorite. After that was no longer available I want through several cartridges before landing on the M97E. While it delivered great full range sound it was missing that brilliance of the M91E. With this stylus I now have have that brilliance back.

Bart Foster (Boston, US)
New stylus for a 1980's turntable

Nothing better than a new 💎.

nufty watts (Surrey, CA)
A bit overpriced

This replacement stylus performs as well as the original Shure stylus, but seems a bit pricey without any real uptick in performance...
Still my favourite cartridge.

charles hickey (Charlotte, US)
what it needed

fine upgrade for the shure 97xe,my 97e and my 39ed great


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