JICO replacement Stylus for Shure V15 Type IV cartridge


  • $128.00

Before ordering, compare with your stylus. If different, see product description.

For sale in US, Canada, & Americas
  • • JICO replacement Shure VN-45HE stylus
  • • Super Elliptical diamond tip for superior reproduction of voice, sound, & harmonics
  • • Made in Japan, genuine JICO® stylus with each stylus quality inspected & sound tested
  • • Lightweight aluminum alloy cantilever
  • • 0.75 - 1.5 g tracking force


The VN-45HE stylus is equipped with a Super Ellitical diamond, which provides superior tracing and tracking of record grooves producing excellent reproduction of sound, voice, & harmonics.

The color of this stylus has changed over the years. Please be sure to compare your stylus with this stylus before ordering. Do not order this stylus if it looks different than the stylus that you have.

⚠ If you are unsure if this is the correct stylus please contact us here

Beware of counterfeits! There is only one Jico distributor in the US, Canada and all of the Americas: LP Tunes. A Jico stylus comes in Jico packaging or with Jico US engraved on the stylus. All others are selling styli of unknown origin and quality. Contact us to verify the authenticity of the claimed Jico stylus before buying.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Michael Myers (Cassopolis, US)
Stylus Review

Very pleased with this replacement stylus. It’s great to listen to the old LP collection that hasn’t been played in years. Thanks, LP TUNE’s !!!

Alan Wisthoff (Chicago, US)

I'm very happy with the JICO stylus. It sounds so much better than the original Shure stylus, there's no comparison. As far as LP Tunes, don't expect an answer to any emails you may send them.

Jim Faichnie (Toronto, CA)
Great Memories

I refurbished an old Sony PS-X6 turntable and this stylus was the icing on the cake. My record collection had been in storage for 20+ years and I am enjoying listening once again to some oldies but goodies, in particular a few direct to disc recordings. The combination of an upgraded amp, speakers and now this stylus has produced spectacular sound for all ranges and put me back in the audiophile camp. I will give my I-pod, I-pad, Mac, I-tunes, Spotify etc. a rest for a while.

Alexander Varty (Vancouver, CA)
JICO stylus replacement for Shure V15 Type IV cartridge.

Great product; fast shipping. I'm really enjoying having my Thorens turntable back in the system!

FRANCOIS poulard (Saint-Sauveur, CA)

JICO replacement Stylus for Shure V15 Type IV cartridge

George King (Woburn, US)

JICO from LP Tunes is the best. I wish there was more info on the diamond I bought but it works out fine. I chose a non SAS to help minimize track noise and it seems to work fine. V15 IV customer

John Johnson (Barrie, CA)
Have not received my item!

I have not to date received my stylus, despite repeated communication of the same to you...thought this was a response to my latest communication but still another request to do this review of your service...so the service, with the exception of you having the item I wanted and you receiving my funds for the same item, has been terrible so send me the stylus and we can upgrade you to poor considering I am still able to my beloved music with my original stylus. John


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It took over 24 day to get the correct stylus but we are happy with the correct stylus.

Great sound

Trebles, bass, mids all excellent. Had a hard time setting it up because the tracking angle needed to be just about spot on for excellent reproduction. Once that was figured out, voila!

Outstanding replacement stylus. I've had the Shure V15xMR cartridge for years. Have tried other cartridges but always returned the Shure back in to my system.
(Odyssey Kismet mono blocks, AI Modulus 3B pre, DBX 3BXDS, DBX 1EQ31 EQ, Vandersteen 2ce speakers . Extremely revealing.

Good Customer Service

Haven't needed to use the brush, yet, but the stylus needle LP Tunes helped me pick out for my vintage stereo works great!

Great service

Fantastic belt and great service, got it quickly and is exactly what I was looking for!