Replacement for Audio-Technica ATN-122LP ATN122LP phonograph needle stylus

Replacement for Audio-Technica ATN-122LP ATN122LP phonograph needle stylus


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The replacement for the Audio-Technica ATN-122LP ATN122LP needle stylus features a Vivid-Line contact diamond with a r/R radii of 6/75 m. It is bonded to a hollow thin-wall metal alloy tube for superior tracing characteristics thus resulting in exquisite and natural sound quality reproduction of voice, music and harmonics that makes you want to play records on and on.

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Customer Reviews

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Joe Smith (Chatsworth, US)

Upgraded to the LPTunes version of the ATN122LP VividLine stylus and I'm extremely impressed. Perfect fit with my AT T4P cartridge, stylus positioning and overhang is correct, and stylus is tracking perfectly at the 1.25g tracking spec.

Additionally, it's effortlessly handling some of my most challenging records with high frequencies, tracking inner grooves without distortion that my old elliptical couldn't handle. Extremely impressed.

Also, items shipped quickly, within two days, with prompt updates on tracking on the LPTunes account, and were well packaged and safely protected. Super impressed, will absolutely buy again, thank you LPTunes!

Bob Hanford (Broken Arrow, US)
Tunes at last

New stylus arrived, I'm enjoying LP's again after 30 years!

Robert zaborsky (Merrill, US)
Stylus for turntable

Replaced my original stylus after it broke
with an upgraded one.
Sounds great.

Dave West (Clementon, US)
New life for an old cartridge

I always loved my vintage AT cartridge but it wasn’t sounding the way I remembered. I found out I could replace the stylus so I splurged and got a shibata upgrade from LP tunes. It arrived in perfect condition and my turntable sounds better than ever.

Joshua Rathbone (Media, US)
Sounds Great

Inherited an old technics turn table. Already had an audio technica cartridge in it, plugged this in and it sounds great

Gary Orr (Pasadena, US)
Phono needle replacement

It arrived on time and installed easily. Was recommended as a step up in quality from the original replacement. It did not disappoint.

Jeff Dittmer (Kansas City, US)
Great service!

In looking for the right stylus, these guys were quick to point me in the right direction, give me the information I needed to make a decision, and give me excellent guidance. This is definitely place to go for your vinyl needs!

JET (Oak Lawn, US)
Replacement needle for AudioTechnica M12 E/U

I received a late 1980's Technics turntable from a friend so I plugged it in and gave it a whirl. Being an automatic, an me lazy, I thought investing in a new needle would be worthwhile. I'm very happy with this stylus. I always find an upgraded needle to be one of the best ways to improve a systems sound. 5 stars.


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i’m genuinely impressed with this cartridge

this cartridge destroys the AT85EP (and it’s only $10 more). shipped ridiculously fast, I think it honestly showed up in 2 days. this is getting the best sound i’ve experienced out of my Technics SL-V5 which is super picky on cartridges, i’m stoked on this thing!

Stylus for Technics SL-D3 SL D3 SLD3 turntable
Shane Carbonneau (Dallas, US)

Stylus for Technics SL-D3 SL D3 SLD3 turntable

JICO replacement Shure N-44C IMPROVED stylus
kyung hoon OH (Seocho-gu, KR)
shure n44c stylus

It's sound is clear & quiet, good at scratches!!
I love it and mainly use in these days!!!!

Replacement for Stanton D-84S D84S stylus

Service was correct and on-time. I have't been able to use the stylus yet as I'm having a wireing problem on my Rabco SL-8E tone arm. I'm sure it will be great as soon as I get the problem fixed. Thanks for the quick service!

JICO SAS replacement Shure VN5xMR (HG) stylus
Eric Rockwell (Knoxville, US)
great replacement

using it with an M97xE, high end system, sounds great

Stylus for Signet AM-50s AM50s cartridge
William Moore (Germantown, US)
Good bonded shibata tip.

I Ordered two , one played very well from the beginning and did indeed become exceptional.
The other has not developed as well as the first.

Great product

Arrived in tact

Fast and perfect

I got a whole record player/receiver set at a garage sale for five dollars and all it needed was a new belt. Thank you for getting it to me quickly. Now everything works perfectly!