Replacement for Aiwa AN-11E AN11E needle stylus

Replacement for Aiwa AN-11E AN11E needle stylus


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The replacement for the Aiwa AN-11E AN11E needle stylus features a highly polished special elliptical diamond designed for superior tracing of record grooves. It results in very high musical accuracy, better tonal balance and harmonically opulent sound quality.

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S.G. (Ontario, US)
Worth the extra $

Compared to the OEM needle, this one does indeed produce bolder sound. What is most noticeable to me is the bass it picks up. Great replacement!
On a side note, the stylus I received is black, not blue like in the picture.
(Installed on a Aiwa PX-E860)

Clinton (Woodstock, US)
Very Nice Needle!

I have an Aiwa PX-E55 turntable, which I received, along with the rest of the stereo system components, as a present way back in 1989 or so. It has held up well over the years, and still gets used by me today. I know it's considered "entry level" but it's always worked well and sounded decent.

Had the thought recently that it might be a good idea to replace the needle, because as far as I can remember, the turntable is still running the original needle. Was very surprised to not only come across this site and discover I could get a replacement needle, but to also discover I had three choices: "replacement," "better replacement," and this one, "best replacement." Decided to go with this one, and it sounds great. I'm no audiophile, just an enthusiastic hobbyist, but this needle has really improved the sound quality, it's a lot clearer and fuller. Now, I can't compare it to a brand new "replacement" quality needle, but I have no regrets about upgrading to this one.

It was very easy to replace, just pop off the old needle, and pop on this one. I highly recommend! At this very moment, I have the Dave Matthews Band's "Crash" 20th Anniversary Edition playing, and it sounds fantastic.


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Brian Brichler (Cincinnati, US)
Good replacement belt

Good functional replacement for old stretched belt

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Bernard Boccia (Danbury, US)
Pickering PDE Stylus

This stylus worked perfectly with the Pickering cartridge mounted on a Lafayette T-2000 turntable. Thank you for your service on this difficult to find part.

PERFECTION for Shure V15V-P!!!

After 25 years, I decided to resurrect my old Technics SL-D30 turntable from the attic. It has a Shure V15V-P (P-mount) that I bought in 1984. It still sounds good, but it just seems as if something is missing. Granted, my ears are not what they used to be, but I felt it was time to replace the 40-year-old stylus anyway. Since Shure is no longer made, I was leery if any other brand would work or sound good in the old cartridge. Thankfully, I came across JICO. After contemplating if I should get the boron cantilever (SAS/B) or the Sapphire (SAS/S), I decided to spend the extra money for the sapphire. It arrived in 3 days and fit perfectly into the Shure cartridge. When I played the first song, I gasped! Wow, just WOW!!!!! I am lost for words to describe the sound. The treble, mids, and bass are equal and exceptional. The realism, clarity, and sound stage are utter perfection! I am hearing so many sounds that I never heard before. The unbelievable quality actually brought me to tears on certain nostalgic songs. This stylus is far better than the original one that was supplied with the V15V-P. I am so glad I decided to keep my old Shure cartridge. THANK YOU, JICO for making an outstanding upgrade!!

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Perfect! Revived my thrift store gem! Shipped quick and arrived packaged carefully. Exactly what I needed!

Fit perfect

Fast shipping, sounds great

New cartridge for my old Fisher turntable sounds great!

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Jerry Stone (St. John's, CA)


Fast shipping

I’m very happy with my purchase. Thanks