Quicksilver Silver 88 Mono Amplifier (One pair)

Quicksilver Silver 88 Mono Amplifier (One pair)


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The Quicksilver Audio Silver 88 mono-block amplifiers are hand-built and hardwired in the USA. What makes the Silver 88 amp truly special is its harmonic presentation. Instruments and vocals have a realism, dimensionality, body and harmonic structure that even the best solid-state amplifiers somehow cannot quite reproduce.

Employing only two KT-88 output tubes, the Silver 88 provides 80 watts without stressing or pushing these tubes to their limit, and with the lowest output impedance and distortion of all the Quicksilver amplifiers, the Silver 88 brings a new level of performance to this power range. The super low 0.5 ohms output impedance of the Silver 88 is almost unheard of among tube amplifiers and allows the unit to drive very difficult speaker loads you'd generally never think of using with tube gear.

An on-board bias meter allows individual adjustment of each output tube and, with low-noise power supplies and circuitry, the Silver 88 can still be used on very efficient speakers. Two power transformers and 180 Joules of energy storage provide effortless dynamic response, transmitting the full musical impact of sudden shifts from soft to loud. A modification of the sleek look of the V4, the Silver 88 has a chrome-plated chassis and carbide black transformer cover.

Quicksilver Silver 88 Mono Amplifier Specifications 
- Power output: 80 watts into 4 or 8 ohms from 20Hz - 20kHz
- Power bandwidth: 13Hz - 80kHz
- Input sensitivity: 1 volt
- Input impedance: 100k ohms
- Damping factor: 15 
- IM distortion: 1% or < @ 80 watts
- Maximum output: 65 volts RMS, 20Hz-20kHz
- Power consumption: 115 watts @ idle, 290 watts @ full power
- Tube complement: 1-12AX7 input, 1-12BH7 driver, 2-KT88 or KT90 output tubes
- Finish: Chrome chassis with carbide black transformer cover
- Dimensions: 6.5"h x 9.75"d x 15"w
- Weight: 38 lbs.

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The stylus I received works well and the service was great!

Just what I needed

I bought not one but 2 Shure styluses (styli?) out of fear they won’t be available next time I need a replacement. Hassle free and no complaints.

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Fantastic Replacement

Bought for a pickering XV-15/625e cartridge that had a broken stylus. Easy to install, fits perfectly! Played a few different albums to get a feel for it, performs in the same range as my Ortofon 2M silver. Brush works great (there are reviews on other replacements that say take the brushes off/use the original but this works fine). Tracking set at 1.5 g.

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Lon Vallem (Stockton, US)

Turns out the green lead was broke on the cartridge. I removed the cartridge from the head shell to make repairs. Now it does not sound as good. It’s possible I don’t have the tracking adjusted properly.

Great Service

Sorry, but it isn't the correct one for my turntable. There's no way for it to fit. ;-(. That wasn't your fault. We went by the number on the machine since I didn't have the original. But you offer a great service and the shipping was fast. I may try again later. Thanks.

Perfect fit

Perfect fit


Worked perfectly on my record player