Quicksilver Remote Control Line Stage Preamp


  • $1,595.00


The Quicksilver Line Stage Preamp with remote control volume now has a much lower output impedance, allowing it to drive almost any amplifier. It uses only one 6DJ8 per channel, resulting in the clear direct sound for which Quicksilver is known. Included are 14 gold-plated Teflon insert RCA connectors and an IEC power cable connector. Video pass-through is available upon request. A precision motorized alps attenuator is used for the volume control.

Quicksilver Remote Control Line Stage Preamp Specifications 
- Bandwidth: 0.1Hz - 80kHz +0,-3db< br> - Gain: 18dB 
- Input impedance: 50k ohms, 20Hz-20kHz 
- Output impedance: 750 ohms, 20Hz-20kHz 
- Tube compliment: 2-6DJ8 
- Chassis: Carbide black 
- Dimemsions: 3"h x 9.5" x 15"w 
- Front panel: 0.25" aluminum black anodized 17" x 3.25" 
- Weight: 12 lbs. 
- USA warranty: 3 years parts and labor, tubes 90 days


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74 reviews
Right stylus for a childhood toy

Thanks to LP Tunes for helping me pick the right stylus for my fisher price phonograph. After sitting in an attic for over 20 years, it's playing records again.

Amazing jico vn5mr sas

Could not imaging that I was missing this much of everything with my old stylus. Now more bass, presence, detail, everything!

Right part and prompt delivery

Very good 78 RPM stylus

The LP Gear Cerapreme 78 stylus brings the most out of the CEC/Chuo Denshi type ceramic cartridge for 78 RPM reproduction. If you put this stylus into a real Japanese CEC cartridge in a serious turntable, you end up with a very nice 78 reproducer. If you put it in a little Numark PT01, it makes for a very nice portable player for 78s. At its current price, this stylus is hard to beat.

I can't give a review at this time as the needles were purchased as spares and I have not used any, but they look exactly as the original.