LP Tunes stylus for Akai BT100 turntable


  • $19.98

In order to receive the correct stylus, please compare the two before purchasing.

  • • CR250 stylus for Akai BT-100 turntable
  • • 0.6 mil conical diamond tip for high fidelity
  • • Lightweight aluminum alloy cantilever
  • • Enhanced accuracy for tracking and tracing of record grooves
  • • Made in Japan by specialized artisans


The LP TUNES CR250 stylus is specified for the Akai BT-100 turntable. The CR250 stylus performs well with its polished 0.6 mil conical diamond tip while providing the user with long playing life and accuracy.

The color of this stylus has changed over the years. Please be sure to compare your stylus with this stylus before ordering. Do not order this stylus if it looks different than the stylus that you have.

If you are unsure if this is the correct stylus please contact us here

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Michael Labbee (Dorval, CA)

Not exactly high end stuff, but very happy to be playing my old albums again !
Considering ordering a 2nd backup stylus, even though with shipping, taxes & exchange rate ... yikes! ... kinda pricey.
The 2016 Akai tt was 'new in box' ... but cost me a case of beer - long story. : )

JT (San Francisco, US)
I didn't open the box it came in

I didn't open the box it it was sent in. I found it cheaper on Amazon and just put the box aside. I thought about returning it but seem to be more trouble than it's worth. The countless emails i've received asking me to review it is a reminder of the mistake i've made.


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This stylus is a perfect fit

The JICO replacement stylus fits fine and sounds nice, as well. I have to imagine it will sound even better after break-in. LP Tunes' excellent service and fast shipping was also very much appreciated.


Prompt delivery to Australia. Easy to fit. Definitely improved my sound.

Haven’t received it

Still waiting for the kneedle haven’t received it . Can you please let me know when it’s coming . Thank you

Solved my Needle woes

I did the local rounds no actual stocks these anymore,after searching online I found LP tunes and I order and my Sony needle came much quicker then I thought it would,since I did not get a tracker..was just loke the orginal and installed in a flash ..now listening to my album collection just like I have over the last 50 yrs...Glad I found a dependable supplier of my stereo products,I look forward to more purchases..

Great Service

Item came kinda slow but otherwise its all good. Price is reasonable

Great selection, fast shipping, quality products.

Recently ordered a Jico neoSAS/S stylus for my Shure V15-III from LP Tunes. Great selection and easy website to navigate.

Replacement for Pfanstiehl 159-DS73 159DS73 needle stylus

LP Gear ATN-3600DLXVL ATN3600DLXVL stylus
Ludwig O'Hallorans (Miami, US)
best upgrade for AT3600L cartidge

Upgraded from the original to this and the sound is incredible even in the Retrolife turntable I got it for.
Check the UPDATE in my review of the turntable in Amazon: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R1ITCNNNV64WF3