Improved replacement for Teac 421-B601-009 421B601009 stylus

Improved replacement for Teac 421-B601-009 421B601009 stylus


  • $28.95

IMPROVED REPLACEMENT FOR TEAC 421-B601-009 421 B601 009 421B601009 STYLUS

The original manufacturer replacement for the Teac 421-B601-009 421B601009 stylus features an aluminum cantilever that is superior to the carbon fiber used in the regular Teac 421-B601-009 421B601009 stylus. The aluminum cantilever allows a firmer grip on the record groove and is more durable and longer lasting. The stylus results in better tonality, dynamic contrast and spatial detail.

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Jico replacement stylus for Audio-Technica AT-402EP cartridge

Right stylus for a childhood toy

Thanks to LP Tunes for helping me pick the right stylus for my fisher price phonograph. After sitting in an attic for over 20 years, it's playing records again.

Amazing jico vn5mr sas

Could not imaging that I was missing this much of everything with my old stylus. Now more bass, presence, detail, everything!

Right part and prompt delivery

Very good 78 RPM stylus

The LP Gear Cerapreme 78 stylus brings the most out of the CEC/Chuo Denshi type ceramic cartridge for 78 RPM reproduction. If you put this stylus into a real Japanese CEC cartridge in a serious turntable, you end up with a very nice 78 reproducer. If you put it in a little Numark PT01, it makes for a very nice portable player for 78s. At its current price, this stylus is hard to beat.