Graham Slee Jazz Club adjustable phono stage

Graham Slee Jazz Club adjustable phono stage


  • $1,295.00


The Graham Slee Jazz Club phono preamplifier stage allows you to restore the original tonal balance of older records (78's, early LP's and singles) and provides the highest fidelity reproduction of modern vinyl records. Because it uses the Era Gold Mk V board, supreme musicality is assured with records old or new.

Originally reviewed in Stereophile June 2002 and subsequently awarded Class B Recommended Component rating by Stereophile, the Jazz Club was found by Michael Fremer to offer an outstanding sound as a standard MM/RIAA phono section with the added EQ flexibility. Since its review, the Jazz Club has been upgraded to the new Era Gold Mk V main board which gives it an even loftier performance. See the review of the Jazz Club by TNT-Audio Magazine.

The Jazz Club is the record listener's phono preamp because it brings real music to life. It also requires patience. It requires 2 - 3 weeks of actual use before it will let you experience its grandeur. Afterwards, the Jazz Club becomes a musical treasure for all of your records.

LP's and singles
- Switch positions: Equalise
- 250/13.7: Early FFRR (pre '53)
- 500/11: FFRR (Decca/London). MGM, EMI, HMV, RCA, Victor, English Columbia
- 500/13.7: 240mV - 1.08V
- 500/16: 26dB ref 2mV input

- Switch positions: Equalise
- 250/0: Columbia (English), EMI, HMV
- 250/5: Columbia (American 1925>), FFRR, Victor (1925> - some)
- 250/16: Columbia (American 1938>)
- 375/5: Victor (1925> - some)
- 375/11: Capitol, Early Decca, Mercury
- 500/0: Brunswick, Parlophone
- 500/S: Victor (1925> - some, and 1938-47)
- 500/11: MGM, Victor (1947>)

Graham Slee Jazz Club Phono Preamp Specifications
- Input sensitivity: 2mV - 9 mV (4 nominal)
- Maximum input: 45mV rms
- Nominal output: 472mV rms
- Maximum output: 5.3 V rms
- Gain: 41.5dB (118)
- Input resistance: 47k ohms
- Input capacitance: 100pf
- Noise: -68 dB CCIR q pk 20Hz - 20kHz
- Distortion: 0.02%
- RIAA accuracy: 0.5dB
- Frequency response: 5Hz - 150kHz
- Channel balance: 0.2dB
- Channel separation: 64dB
- Dimensions (mm): 117w x 50h x 170d

Should this product fail while being used for its intended purpose, within one year of purchase, we will repair or replace it at our discretion. Please contact LP Tunes for details. No other liability will be accepted. Your statutory rights are not affected.

Graham Slee Projects Limited
1 Monks Way, Monk Bretton, Barnsley, S71 2JD, United Kingdom
+44(0)1226 244908 Tel/Fax email website


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414 reviews

JICO replacement Shure N-75G/II stylus

Audio-Technica replacement stylus for Audio-Technica TR-431U cartridge

El cheapo plays solidly in 100 dollar class with solid rythm, cracking bass, and all instruments!

4 stars for value! Sound, being a tough judge, is more like a 3 star rating, but considering a 5 star rating enters the real high end club, that is not bad at all!
I had first tried this in a quick setup on a old Akai AP-207 direct drive automatic table, that has to be tweaked to my likes yet. It was better than expected, but something was a bit off. It is a strange anatomy thing with my ears, as they clog up quite painfully, when there is some phase shift or deep resonance. But most people don't get that.
So I just mounted it in a Dual headshell and put it on my Dual 510 with upgraded mat, running through a Pro-Ject Phono-Box S2 into an SAE TWO R3C.
Nowhere near broken in, but new out of box, it now first played a record with Carmen McRae, and I thought "Not bad at all".
So put on Grace Jones "Slave To The Rythm".
That percussion was alive and cracking!
The intro to the last track "Miss Grace Jones" starts with a "ting" from a triangle. It is loud and clear!
There are some sounds you cannot even hear on some systems, mainly the slowly growing trombone bursts that come out of the background a few times, like some lurking animal about to pounce on you, and end in a "whup" sound effect as they cut off. The Shure M91 with SAS and Audio Technica OC9ML render them nicer and rounder. BUT they are also well broken in. The OC9ML is now on the ML/II version and sells for 419 dollars on this site. The SAS styli are now no longer 139 dollars, but instead somewhere around 300 a pop.
What an unfair contest, for this little cartridge, that is giving it all an honest shot!
The closest I have had in hand and tried at around 100 dollars in today's market is the Ortofon 2M-Red. I no longer have it, because I only kept what I actually listen to, but from memory, this Carbon Fidelity is pretty close, but already more lively sounding. I mean this has a fun factor.
I only hope it loses that strange effect on my ears after breaking in...
To be recommen...

Great stylus

This is a great stylus for the Shure V15 type III cartridges.
It’s very well balanced and great for people looking to
get a little more detail out of their records.

Satisfied LP Tunes customer

Very happy with my purchase of the Nagaoka JN-P110 stylus from LP Tunes. Ultra fast delivery and a great product at a great price! I will definitely be shopping with you again.
Thank You LP Tunes
Mike F.