Graham Slee Elevator EXP Moving Coil Head Amplifier

Graham Slee Elevator EXP Moving Coil Head Amplifier


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The Graham Slee Elevator EXP moving coil head amp has received awards and distinctions that only a select few and the very best achieve, testaments of its world class stature and exceptional ability to deliver sound quality equal to or better than any MC head amp at any price.

The Graham Slee Elevator EXP (active step-up device) is designed to express the full performance of low output MC phono cartridges of the highest caliber. The complete lack of flywheel effect or hysteresis of transformers, correct cartridge matching, and fast low noise video bandwidth enable the Elevator EXP to deliver truly exceptional performance hence the awards stated above.

The Graham Slee Elevator EXP is a separate unit flat response 22,5dB gain stage (having its own outboard power supply) optimized for MC cartridges, that will boost the signal to Moving Magnet level. The less stressed MM phono stage that follows it, can then be realistically expected to deliver a good musical performance.

The Graham Slee Elevator EXP features video amplifiers that provide the bandwidth required for the absolute phase needed to reproduce instrumental and voice structure timbre, a sound-stage with depth and width, and the instant dynamics which makes the music and recording venue come alive.

Its input referred noise measures -130dB rms like studio microphone amps (Just take away your cartridge sensitivity in dB for the S/N). That means the hiss will be below the noise of a clean record, and in the case of the Elevator EXP, there is no hum provided the turntable components and arm lead are properly screened and grounded to the EXP ground post.

The Graham Slee Elevator EXP's distortion is near non-existent at less than 0.01% (including the test oscillator's 0.003% distortion).

Rather than being designed for the convenience of the manufacturer, the Graham Slee Elevator EXP sports its cartridge loading switches on the front panel. Furthermore, we've included all the resistive loads you've been asking for.

Each Elevator head amplifier is extremely transparent, allowing the true character and expression of your low-output MC cartridge to shine through.

The following cartridge loads are available via two front panel gold plated contact switches: 47,000 - 5,100 - 1,000 - 840 - 100 - 30 and 23 ohms.

Highest professional standards
Components used in the Graham Slee Elevator EXP are to the highest professional standards, including FR4 epoxy resin single and double sided plated through hole printed circuit boards, C&K gold plated contact switches, analog devices semiconductors, tantalum capacitors, Elna audio grade capacitors, Wima low inductance high speed polypropylene and silver/mica capacitors. Connections are by heavy gold plated, Teflon insulated deluxe phono jacks, and an additional arm earth is provided for convenience.

The case, which matches the Graham Slee Era Gold V, Jazz Club, Reflex, Revelation and Solo, is our unique construction aluminum extrusion base and top, with 3.2 mm thick front and rear panels. Finish is satin silver anodized aluminum.

Should this product fail while being used for its intended purpose, within one year of purchase, we will repair or replace it at our discretion. Please contact LP Tunes for details. No other liability will be accepted. Your statutory rights are not affected.

Hi-Fi News Best Phono Stage Award for 2004
Best Phono Stage Under £1,000 Award at the 2005 Heathrow Hi-Fi Show
Class A Recommended Component Stereophile Vol.30 No.10 October 2007
Class A Recommended Component Stereophile Vol.31 No.4 April 2008
Class A Recommended Component Stereophile Vol.31 No.10 October 2008

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116 reviews
Excellent sound and excellent price partnered with my old AT4030LC.

My Pioneer PL-7 and Audio-Technica AT4030LC from the early 80's needed a new stylus. I initially replaced the entire cartridge but didn't enjoy the sound as much as the original with the now very expensive ATN12S stylus. After referring to various reference materials I decided to replace the original stylus with the LP Gear ATN12XE. LP Gear shipped almost immediately and I received the stylus in a few days. It took all of 30 seconds to replace the stylus, and maybe another minute to check the tracking force and anti-skate. Results: a wonderful stylus! There is a slight loss of the very top of the high end (the original shibata stylus is rated up to 45 Khz) but the new stylus is punchy with clear highs. Tracking at 1.25g the cart tracks quietly and fully. Looks like the old cart will stay in business for at least another year or so. Why replace the entire moving magnet cartridge when you only need a new stylus?

MEMOREX 9290MMO turntable belt replacement

ATN3472C Audio Technica needle

I'm very satisfied, very good sound for the price

JICO neoSAS/S Shure VN35HE

This is a direct replacement for the Shure VN35MR stylus used on the V15 III.
It is an excellent stylus! It retains all the tonal and harmonic integrity of the VN35MR (which is simply one of the best cartridges I have ever heard including some very expensive moving coils). The JICO adds furhter refinement in terms of phase and channel seperation (better soundstage/imaging). Additionally the JICO has lower tracing distortion and 'cantilever' haze. It sounds like a cross between the VN35MR and a really good CD. Be informed that because of the highly refined shape of the diamond, this stylus is very sensative to setup. VTA/SRA and Azimuth are important to dial in to get optimum performance. A good place to start is with the cartridge completley level in both dimensions. Small adjustments from there will yield good performance. This Stylus produces sound that is easiy competitive with the best cartrdiges avallable today.


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