Audio-Technica AT6012 Record Care Kit from Japan

SKU: AT6012

  • $18.87


The AT6012 record care kit is very effective in many ways: One application improves tracking, fidelity of your record, musical accuracy of playback, and reduces cartridge stylus wear. The scientific formula of the AT6012 record care solution gently removes microdust and other contaminants, dissolves fingerprints and eliminates static electricity.

The ultra high quality Sonic Broom cleaning pad reaches into the record grooves. The inner reservoir within the Sonic Broom is designed to direct the AT6012 record care solution into the brush pad's leading edge. Ingenious!

Note: The AT6012 has been discontinued by Audio-Technica because the Sonic Broom can no longer be sourced from trusted high quality suppliers in Japan. We still have limited supply available for your record caring pleasure.


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178 reviews
Perfect match for Shure

Back in business and it sounds so good 😎

Excellent All-Round

A great company to deal with. Very prompt with communication, and an excellent product that is not easy to find!

Well made high quality stylus.

Stylus packaging is attractive, sturdy and functional and included a detailed spec/instruction sheet.

The stylus fit the cartridge perfectly and displayed excellent craftsmanship.

Little or no break in time was required and sounded excellent right out of the box. It’s response sounds accurate and flat with strong natural lows and crisp non-sibilant highs. Detail and separation is excellent. It tracks well at recommended force of 1.25 grams.

I am very pleased with this stylus and recommended it for V15 Type IV MR users.

Great stylus

This is just what you need to get a new life out of a Shure V15, highly recommended!

Ummm, It's a belt

It goes from here to there and back again.