Audio-Technica AT6012 Record Care Kit from Japan

SKU: AT6012

  • $18.87


The AT6012 record care kit is very effective in many ways: One application improves tracking, fidelity of your record, musical accuracy of playback, and reduces cartridge stylus wear. The scientific formula of the AT6012 record care solution gently removes microdust and other contaminants, dissolves fingerprints and eliminates static electricity.

The ultra high quality Sonic Broom cleaning pad reaches into the record grooves. The inner reservoir within the Sonic Broom is designed to direct the AT6012 record care solution into the brush pad's leading edge. Ingenious!

Note: The AT6012 has been discontinued by Audio-Technica because the Sonic Broom can no longer be sourced from trusted high quality suppliers in Japan. We still have limited supply available for your record caring pleasure.


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New Life for Shure V15V

The Shure V15 has always been an even handed, great tracking cart. Perhaps verging on the boring, for some tastes. The JICO SAS styli retain the lush midrange, even handed presentation of the cart, but with a shot of adrenaline and perhaps a tad more revealing than the original styli. Super product!


Works a treat on my JVC quadraphonic system and despite the dreaded custom charges, it was still cheaper than modern equivalents and NOS stylus available elsewhere.

Nothing Like the Real Thing

When Shure was no longer a stylus option, and I saw JICO here n there (ahem ahem) I was suspicious, but thankfully checked the sole supplier I saw website directly, LPTunes, and got a Straight Answer ASAP to my question whether their stylus were refurbished or factory NEW, which they proved to be. Not only do my LP's play CLEARER than they did with the SHURE styluses; they actually play LOUDER! Could be Just My Imagination. Who knows?