Replacement for Pfanstiehl 612-D7 612D7 needle stylus

Replacement for Pfanstiehl 612-D7 612D7 needle stylus

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The Pfanstiehl 612-D7 612D7 needle stylus is used as the stylus replacement for the following cartridges:

ALPHA, AT112SPM, AT112SX, AT1112XE, AT112XPM, AT1200S, AT1200SA, AT1200XE, AT1250E, AT2012S, AT2113, AT237E, AT2500SX, AT26S, AT29SX, AT3000PS, AT312S, AT3312S, AT3312XE, AT3500S, AT4012XE, AT4020XE, AT4030LC, AT4412XE, AT455EX, AT5100E, AT51W1, AT51W2, AT52W2, AT700SX, AT7070XE,AT75SA, AT96E, AT912SA, AT964XEA, AT97E, AT99E, AT9XE, ATX1201S, CS112SII, CTD13EA, CTD12XE, DR475LC, HP300MKII, LABXIIS, LM102S, LS400, MACHII, MG400E, MG400H, MK12SII, PB12S, PB33E, S300HP, SE1500X, SERIESIV, SERIESVI, SS400E, TM4, TM6, TP112SA, TP112XE, TR430E,TR440SX, TR461SX, VS240LC, XE130 XLS-601, XLS601,

2671D, 6012D

1K8820, 1K8821, 1K8902, 1K8903, 1P9275, 1P9276, 1P9277, 5603691, 5603711, ED1804, ED1805, ED1806, ED1807, ED1808, ED1809, ED1810, ED1811, ED1812, ED1813, ED1814, ED1815, ED1816, ED1817, EE2240, KD1100, KD1101, KD1201BK21, KD1202BK21, KD1204, LE1210

The Pfanstiehl 612-D7 612D7 stylus is designed to be fitted to the original cartridge. Please verify and use this as a guide only since the cartridge and stylus may have been changed through the years.

If the stylus above differs from what you have, then it means you no longer have the fitted cartridge. For us to assist you further, we need the cartridge brand and model number. This info is usually inscribed on the cartridge and stylus.


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530 reviews

Christina was so very helpful. Appreciate all the service. Turntable works great now. thanks

Stylus Replacement

It's a good replacement, no problems. Would have liked the option for a matching stylus guard. Thank you.

Better tracking and improved detail

The stock stylus of the AT60 series has a conical tip, which is fine for the most part and works well within the preset parameters of the tonearm which are not adjustable. Playback is surprisingly good for such a low cost turntable, but the carbon fidelity elliptical stylus is a significant improvement insofar as detail retrieval. Bass response is about the same but the music seems to be more focused. Recommended for the AT60 turntable especially!


Excellent product . Sounds wonderful. Very pleased to be listening to lps again