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Grado RS-2 RS2 headphones


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These truly are an audiophile's dream. The newest edition to the Grado family, the RS-2 is the little brother of the RS-1. The characteristics of the RS-2 remain the same as it's distinguished big brother, with the hand crafted mahogany, but there is a smaller wooden air chamber. Although a smaller version of the RS1, they still maintain an overall sound that is pure Grado, warm harmonic color, full bodied vocals, excellent dynamics and ultra smooth top end.

Features of RS-2 headphone
- Vented diaphram
- Wooden air chamber
- Ultra High Purity Long Crystal copper voice coil wire
- Ultra High Purity Long Crystal copper connecting cord

What people say about the RS2.

"'s the full-bodied sound - especially the luscious, rich resonant bass - that makes the Grado 'phones special"
Sam Tellig - STEREOPHILE Vol. 21, No. 2


"Just as oak barrels enhance the flavor of wine, these mahogany drums refine the sound of music. The earpieces on Grado's RS2 headphones are handcrafted from specially cured wood and have a large open-air chamber. The result is a complex bouquet of decreased distortion, accentuated bass response, warm harmonic tones and a supersmooth top end. Sweet! "
Seth Feman, Wired Magazine

"If you audition the Grado RS2s, you may find something you never heard before: the calm artistry of well made sound."
Jim Merod, Jazz-Now - Magazine


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Great headshell.

Very nice. Low mass, great wiring. Ordered another for extra cartridge.

Great Experience

Professional & prompt

Yamaha p31 stylus

Works awesome. Shipped in good time. Would recommend to anyone I know.

Fit well and works. Very happy